Big Show on 'Royal Pains' tonight

Big Show on 'Royal Pains' tonight

Big Show will put his acting skills to the test when he guest stars on the medical drama Royal Pains tonight. The hit show is on USA Network, home to Monday Night Raw and its many WWE Superstars and Divas.

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Royal Pains stars Mark Feuerstein, who was the special guest host of Raw Monday from Charlotte, N.C. (MORE)

On Royal Pains, Feuerstein plays doctor Hank Lawson, who is blacklisted by the medical community after being blamed for the death of a patient. He reluctantly agrees to become a "Concierge Doctor" to the rich and famous who summer in Long Island, N.Y.'s Hamptons.

Big Show also recently had a guest role in the feature film MacGruber. Its cast hosted Monday Night Raw in April (MORE). Soon, the WWE Universe will see Big Show in WWE Studios' upcoming film, Knucklehead, a comedy-adventure about a fight promoter massively in debt who meets a 450-pound orphan handyman who is talked into competing.

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