‘Batista Unleashed' released Tuesday

‘Batista Unleashed' released Tuesday

People around the world know Dave Batista as The Animal of WWE. He's the rope-shaking, spine-busting World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown.

Now, in Batista Unleashed (WWE/Pocket Books; $26), the WWE Superstar comes clean about the choices he made and the devastating effects they had on his family. Batista talks about growing up in the worst part of Washington, D.C., where three murders occurred in his front yard before he was 9. He speaks lovingly of his mother -- a lesbian -- and how hard she worked to keep the family together. The WWE Superstar also talks candidly about his past indiscretions and how bodybuilding may have saved his life. 

Once Batista made it to WWE, he realized that he wasn't ready for the big time. His career stalled until WWE Superstar Finlay took him under his wing. But The Animal's real wrestling education came when he joined Evolution and rode with Triple H and Ric Flair, two of sports-entertainment's all-time greats. Batista reveals what the two legends taught him and details some of their wild times on the road. In Batista Unleashed, he pulls back the curtain and takes fans into the locker room to discuss the creative process and details some of his personal, behind-the-scenes disagreements with other WWE Superstars.     

While Batista is a bit of a contradiction, being naturally shy, but possessing a very boastful mouth, everything The Animal does is for our fans. For Batista, it is all about finding that one positive thing in your life that will make you happy and will keep you out of trouble. An Animal in the ring, Batista reveals himself as an honest and even humble man in everyday life.

Co-writer Jeremy Roberts is the New York Times best-selling coauthor of Eric Bischoff: Controversy Creates Cash. He has written on a variety of subjects. His nonfiction work includes biographies of Mussolini and Joan of Arc for A&E Books.

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