Anam-azing night

Anam-azing night

NEW YORK -- As the glow of the setting sun cooled over the Tribeca Cinemas theater in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday evening, a Hardcore Legend, a slew of Hollywood stars and the McMahon clan all shared the red carpet for a special screening of Anamorph -- a film produced by Marissa McMahon, featuring WWE Superstar Mick Foley, Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe and a host of others.

On a narrow sidewalk on Varick Street, Marissa -- wife of Shane and daughter-in-law of the WWE Chairman, himself -- bore a broad, infectious grin while exchanging hugs with family, friends, media, cast and crew for the special screening of her very first cinematic production.

Away from the flashing cameras, near the modest art house theater entry, the elated movie producing McMahon described the sensation of this big night in her career.

"It's my first film, so that's exciting in its own right," Marissa said, still somewhat overwhelmed by the moment. "I'm really proud of the film. It's really exciting to work for so long and then finally get to this moment."

A masterful addition to the thriller/suspense genre, Anamorph is a production of IFC Films and Kamala Films (no relation to the belly-patting Ugandan Giant). As Marissa explained, she and director Henry Miller couldn't be any happier with the independent label that embraced this movie.

"We were really proud and excited to see IFC take on the film because they have a history of taking on really smart, cutting edge films," she said. "To be in the company of the great films [IFC] represents feels like a good home for us."

Essentially the perfect tag team, Marissa McMahon and IFC bring this on-screen presentation to WWE fans as well as average movie lovers, promising something that's "crazy and gruesome at times" but overall, "just a great ride."

"It's a unique film because it's a thriller and a very artful kind of film," Marissa proudly added. "Willem [Dafoe] is fantastic. We've got an amazing cast … these great cameos. And, [WWE fans] will see Mick Foley in a way they've never seen him before."

She continued, "[Mick's] great in the role that he plays; a little bit like Dude Love, which is why when we read the script, we thought he'd be perfect for the role."

Duly noted by the film's producer, sports-entertainment's own plaid-shirted Foley and  Dafoe (Platoon, Spider-Man), share the screen with the likes of Blondie's Grammy Award-winning lead singer Debbie Harry and Scott Speedman (Underworld). According to the enthusiastic Superstar, the production of Anamorph was an unmistakably defining moment in his career -- one that didn't include chairs, tables or great leaps from steel cells.

"I loved the day I spent filming," Foley claimed. "It was one of my most memorable days outside the ring. Marissa was great; I think she has every right to be proud."

Before heading out on a mission to obtain a box of buttery popcorn for the movie's  screening, the former WWE Champion revealed a most interesting muse for his on-camera appearance outside the squared circle.

"I'm not sure I channeled any of my WWE personas; I just tried to think of what a slightly sleazy pawn shop owner might look and act like," the Hardcore Legend said. "And it turns out it's my personality exactly."

"If I hadn't been a WWE Superstar," he laughed, "I would've been a sleazy pawn shop owner."

Jokes aside, Foley humbly praised Anamorph's star-studded cast as well as its talented producer. He also described what viewers -- especially our WWE fans -- can expect out of the Hardcore Legend on the silver screen.

"I think [fans] can just look forward to seeing one of their guys doing dialogue with one America's great actors, Willem Dafoe," Foley affirmed. "I thought this was a great script from the moment I read it. I'm really anticipating it being a good and pleasurable movie-going experience."

Before heading to a theater near you this Friday to catch Anamorph, check out the official trailer right here on (WATCH) and take a special look at the making of the film in an exclusive video (WATCH).

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