Custom Charlie: Haas opens new business venture

Custom Charlie: Haas opens new business venture

Juggling life as a WWE Superstar, while being the father of two young daughters, as well as being a husband, can be a difficult balancing act. Thanks to a new business venture, Superstar-impersonator Charlie Haas' life has become even busier. Following in the footsteps of such WWE entrepreneurs as Jim Ross and John "Bradshaw" Layfield, the Raw Superstar recently opened Custom Muscle in Frisco, Texas, and launched

"The [Web] site has been up for about a month, and our store in Texas opened on Oct. 1," the former Tag Team Champion said. "We cater to sports nutrition and general health, from fat burners to vitamins and protein shakes."

Custom Muscle came from Haas' passion for nutrition. Because Superstars travel throughout the majority of the year, they must be committed to staying fit to meet the physical demands of being in WWE. Just as WWE is like no other experience, Haas ensured his business will raise the bar higher for all nutritional supplement shops.

Incorporating a smoothie bar, free Wi-Fi and high-definition plasma TVs, Custom Muscle isn't your "mom and pop" vitamin store. (PHOTOS)

"We want it to be a place for people to come in, chat about nutrition, learn what you should and should not be taking, and how to make your body more fit and improve your overall health," the former Seton Hall All-American grappler explained. "Our bodies are our machines. We've got to put the right fuel in them to make them perform at their best."

WWE Superstars agree. Haas says Shawn Michaels, Jamie Noble and the WWE Divas, among others, are patrons of his business. Former World Champion Rey Mysterio, a supporter of Custom Muscle, had plenty of praise for Haas' venture.

"If you're really looking for nutrition, Custom Muscle has got it all. From fat burners to weight gainers and shakes — no other place has what Custom Muscle does," said the Master of the 619.

The fledgling business is a family affair as well. His wife, former WWE Diva Jackie, gave birth to their second daughter, Taylor Suzanne, earlier this month. She joins big sister, Kayla, in what Haas refers to as his "Haas full of women." Jackie plays a large role in the Custom Muscle venture, having a hands-on approach with the supplements and other products they carry. She also contributes to Fitness Rx magazine for women, another part of the Haas family's dedication to living a healthy lifestyle.

"[My wife and children] are happy and healthy, and I couldn't ask for anything more," he continued. "But WWE is like my second family, too. It's allowed me to venture outwards with Custom Muscle, we're really excited."

Haas always needs to be at the top of his game, especially since taking on the task of imitating other Superstars. On Raw, he's been "Good Ol' Jim Haas," "Haas Hogan," "The Great Charli" and "CHL," as well as impersonated John Cena and even Mr. Perfect. According to Haas, you never know who he might imitate next.

"Maybe you'll see Charlie Marella," Haas said with a laugh. "I really like interacting with the fans about this. I've posted on WWE Universe asking everyone who they'd like to see me imitate next. They are just as much a part of this as we are. We [Superstars] can't do this without them."

For more information on Custom Muscle, or to buy products, visit Custom Muscle.

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