Mick Foley on "Celebrity Wife Swap"

Mick Foley on "Celebrity Wife Swap"

WWE Universe, Mick Foley stars on the season finale of ABC’s new hit show, Celebrity Wife Swap! On the hour-long reality show, Foley will “swap” wives with actor Antonio Sabato Jr.

Take a peek at the household manual put together by Mick’s wife, Colette, on abc.com, for Sabato’s fiancée, Cheryl. She introduces the family’s “new mom” to the four Foley children – Dewey, Noelle, Mickey and Hughie – as well as an untrained puppy named Randall.

The extensive handbook covers everything from the Foleys’ guidelines about “Chores,” “Daily Routines” (including packing for the family’s move from Florida to Long Island, N.Y.) and “Appearances.”

“Mick will go down in history as the world's most thrifty and bling-less person in and out of the ring and never was one for the fast lane!” Colette writes about her husband.

The manual also reveals that budding standup comic Foley is also into an unexpected hobby – scrapbooking!

“Another activity that Mick and the kids love to do together is scrapbooking. They use family photos and decorate the pages with stickers to tell stories. It's a sweet pastime of my husband's and I'm glad to have so much documentation of our family life,” Foley’s wife explains.

Colette also presents a “To-Do” list for Cheryl, which includes:

  • Go to one of Mick's comedy shows.
  •  Videotape and help create characters for the family wrestling matches.
  • Try giving Mick a fashion make-over. "Repackaging" Mick might be a sore subject for him, but he is so easygoing that he might let you. However, don't be surprised if the moment you turn your back, he "Mickifies" your hard work by messing it all up.

While Colette says there’s not much time for rules in their house, she calls the Foleys “one big, loving and dysfunctional family.”

How will Cheryl fare when it comes to trying to restore order to the chaotic Foley house? What challenges will Colette encounter when tasked with running the young Sabato house, which includes a busy 9-year-old and a 3-month old who needs nearly-around-the-clock care?

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