Circle of Champions: Chris Jericho and John Cena grant Wishes

Circle of Champions: Chris Jericho and John Cena grant Wishes

UNCASVILLE, Conn. --  The day after a historical Great American Bash, Chris Jericho and John Cena met Circle of Champions honoree Joshua Nadeau, 18, and Make-A-Wish recipient Latiauna Davis, 10, in the Circle of Champions VIP suite at Mohegan Sun Arena before Monday Night Raw.

"I thought Chris Jericho was kind of mean about six years ago, but I started liking him a lot more when he came back at the end of last year. He's so funny and a great wrestler," said Nadeau, of Manchester, Conn., about his favorite Superstar.

Moments later, Jericho, wearing a dark blue pinstriped suit, strutted into the luxury suite. Y2J signed autographs, posed for pictures and gave Nadeau some exclusive gear: a "Chris Jericho Entertainment" T-shirt, "Save Us" medallion, a lanyard and a baseball cap. Nadeau also spoke with the three-time World Champion about NASCAR, and the whereabouts of Shawn Michaels.

"Shawn Michaels isn't here tonight. I had to beat Shawn up yesterday," Jericho boasted. "I'm pretty mean sometimes. He's not my friend, but you're still my friend though, right?"

Nadeau held Jericho's hand and stared into Y2J's blue eyes, smiled ear-to-ear and quickly shook his head to gesture ‘yes.'

For Davis, of New Brunswick, N.J., her fascination for sports-entertainment and her favorite Superstar, John Cena, came about while watching Raw with her older brothers, Terrell and Dashaun, and mother, Teshia.

"I like his FU. He's exciting to watch, and he's cute," Davis said, with a bright grin. 

Less than 24 hours before, John Cena suffered a crushing defeat to John Bradshaw Layfield in a New York City Parking Lot Brawl where he was thrown onto the front windshield of a car. When the 6-foot-1, 240-pound Superstar walked into the suite, Latiauna couldn't believe her eyes.

The three-time WWE Champion signed autographs, posed for pictures, presented Latiauna with a Chain Gang medallion, 8-Bit T-shirt, wristbands and his brand-new exclusive "You Can't See Me" cadet hat.

When John Cena asked the True Champ if there was any other Superstar she wanted to see, she did not hesitate to respond.

"There's no other person I want to see, but you," Latiauna exclaimed.

"Oh, I'm flattered," Cena told the fifth-grade honors student.

Although Y2J and the Chain Gang Commander were their favorites, the Circle of Champions honorees were thrilled to meet World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Paul London and Matt Striker.

After meeting the Circle of Champions honorees, our Superstars said they were humbled by the experience.

"All the bumps, bruises and all the punishment we take, when you get the chance to make a kid smile is what makes this job more worthwhile," said Y2J. "My appeal is that I think people respect the effort I bring to the ring as an entertainer, showman and the connection I have with my fans, whether I'm viewed as a good guy or bad guy."

The Chain Gang Commander, one of the Make-A-Wish Foundation's biggest fans, gets pumped-up to meet Circle of Champions honorees, similar to being in the ring.

"You want to make sure that your time spent with the [True Champs] is the best it could possibly be. The reason why I love the charity is that Make-A-Wish gives one wish to a child and that wish is to spend time with me. The fact that they want to spend time with me is the most flattering thing imaginable," explained Cena. "Before meeting them you do get a bit nervous, because you want to live up to their expectations, and you want to make sure all their friends and family are happy. That's the bottom line, because it is certainly about the child, not me the Superstar."

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