Circle of Champions: Edge visits Circle of Champions honorees in the U.K.

Circle of Champions: Edge visits Circle of Champions honorees in the U.K.

LONDON -- The Rated-R Superstar took time off the SmackDown European tour to grant wishes to Edge-heads in a locker room area of London's O2 arena. 

"The fact that the [Circle of Champions] kids wanted to meet the Rated-R Superstar is quite amazing to me. I'm often times not the most requested Superstar for kids [being the sleaze ball]," said an unusually humbled Edge. "It's fun when you get to do it. Meeting the kids puts things into perspective. I can't complain."

The four-time World Champion walked into the room with his usual cocky swagger. An elated Jonathan Shedanloo, 11, from the children's charity Rays of Sunshine, hopped to his feet to greet The Ultimate Opportunist.

"Whoa … what a big guy you are! Look at you! You're like an animal," said Shedanloo, a Los Angeles native who now resides in London.

"If you think I'm an animal, then you haven't seen Batista," Edge interjected.

"You're the better man, though. You've won the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. I bet you can beat everyone on all three rosters," Shedanloo told his favorite Superstar.

"I'll have to agree with you on that," Edge chimed in. "Everyone should listen to Jonathan. He knows what he's talking about."

Edge also met with Rays of Sunshine kid Oliver Geis, 14, of Kemsing, Kent, England, and Starlight Foundation's Alex Fogg, 10, of Ockendon, Essex, England. They told the Rated-R Superstar that World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker was their other favorite, and they'd like to see the two battle later that night on SmackDown. Jokingly, "The Master Manipulator" quickly got off the couch and walked away only to return.

"It kind of goes with my theory of not being requested for too many [Circle of Champions] meet and greets," Edge said with a grin. "But, the fact that they wanted to see me take on Undertaker means they're really into our rivalry."

Edge signed autographs, gave the "True Champs" a WrestleMania Revenge Tour T-shirt, posed for pictures, and talked openly to Circle of Champions kids about his injuries. He explained to them that "if it looked like it hurt on TV, it probably did," and never to try any of his wrestling moves at home.

"He was like everything I ever asked for in this life. I just want to see him in the future when I become a wrestler in nine years and some day be his tag team partner," recalled Shedanloo, sporting his "throwback" Edge T-shirt.

Geis echoed Shedanloo's thoughts on meeting Edge. However, he had one last point to make about the Ultimate Opportunist's Backlash World Heavyweight Championship showdown with his other favorite Superstar -- The Phenom. 

"It was cool meeting Edge. He was bigger in person than what he looks like on TV. But, I think at Backlash he'll have a difficult time against Undertaker," a smiling Geis predicted.

Check out photos from Edge's Circle of Champions visit in London.

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