Parvesh Cheena; The Great Khali gets "Outsourced"

Parvesh Cheena; The Great Khali gets "Outsourced"

On Thursday, March 24, at 10:30/9:30 CT, The Great Khali appeared on the hit NBC’s hit sitcom Outsourced. sat down with Parvesh Cheena – who plays Gupta on the show – to get his thoughts on The Punjabi Playboy, WWE and much more. Tell us a little bit about The Great Khali’s role in the episode Outsourced.

PARVESH CHEENA: The Great Khali plays kind of an alternate version of the character Rajiv (Rizwan Manji) in an office HR nightmare for Todd (Ben Rappaport). It has to do with some physical abuse in the office. Remember, this is India and not America and sometimes – as everything is becoming more westernized on the show – there are some things that certain characters might hold onto which is not ok in a westernized world. Had you ever heard of Khali before meeting him on the set?

CHEENA: Yes. When you’re in entertainment and are a given ethnicity, you tend to know all the people of that ethnicity. If somebody’s doing well, you want to know about it. I did tweet just a little teaser “I met The Great Khali today.” The people that were freaking out the most were my cousins back in Delhi. Are you a WWE fan?

CHEENA: I’ll always remember watching Saturday Night’s Main Event on NBC. Whichever of my friends got SummerSlam or the Royal Rumble on pay-per-view, that’s the house we’d be at. You were either an Ultimate Warrior fan or a Hulk Hogan fan. That’s where the line was drawn. If a WWE Superstar called up your character on the show – trying to buy a Whoopee Cushion – can you clue us in on what sort of novelty product Gupta might try to follow-up with to make the big add-on sale?

CHEENA: For The Great Khali, I think the extra large granny panties. For him, and many of the other Superstars, they could actually replace their ring gear. Considering the abuse that Gupta normally takes on the show, is he in danger of suffering the Punjabi Plunge?

CHEENA: It depends on how show gets edited. But, keep in mind, the dude’s hand is as big as my face, I remember one point where he taps me on the shoulder and looked at the camera man with a real “ow!” expression. He was a really good sweet guy though. Describe for us any specific filming challenges that arose as the result of having an actor the size of Khali on the set?

Cheena: With Khali, the wardrobe people had to stand on boxes just to tie his ties or to fix up his hair. That was hilarious. It was like he was Gulliver and we were the little Lilliputians trying to fix our king. Outsourced shines a comic light on many of the differences between America and Indian cultures. What sorts of differences do you see between what WWE Superstars do for a living and physicality demands of your role on the show?
CHEENA: WWE Superstars has to hit that body slam the first time. Their matches go non-stop. I can have another take, rehearse, and practice. I can also complain about doing a lot of dance moves, the slaps, the hits and falls, but I’ve got padding and 20 people to cover me. In your opinion, what special techniques might Khali use to effectively sell American novelties if he were taking calls on Outsourced?

CHEENA: Video chat with a customer would be great for Khali, because the sheer sight of him would be enough to convince anyone to buy as many add-ons as possible. With so many media personalities coming to WrestleMania this year, what Superstar, past or present would you want to face at The Show of Shows?

CHEENA: If I were to come to WrestleMania, I might have a small chance against WWE Hall of Famer Koko B Ware. I think I could throw him off his game if I could just grab his bird and run. Thanks for talking to us today. We look forward to the show.

CHEENA: My pleasure. We really appreciate The Great Khali making an appearance. Of course, the biggest Indian wrestler should be on the biggest Indian show on television.

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