15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

You know the words. You know the chant.

"One more match!"

It’s a mantra that sends chills up and down the collective spine of the WWE Universe when it emanates from an arena. It’s the ultimate compliment for a legendary Superstar who has returned to WWE. It’s a show of affection reserved for those who transcend competition to become something more. It’s three words, strung together by thousands of voices.

Every WWE fan has a short list of former Superstars they’d like to see compete just one more time. And WWE.com is no exception. We’ve ranked the 15 competitors we’re dying to see come back for just, “One more match!”

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Scott Steiner

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Holler, if you hear him.

Few Superstars have been as ... vocal ... as Scott Steiner. And, in this age of social media, it might just be the perfect time for Big Poppa Pump to make himself heard in a return to the ring.

Remembered for his part in one of the toughest tag teams of all time, Steiner later became a huge singles star, claiming the WCW Championship.

Today, even if it is for just one more match, Steiner could pose a serious threat to current powerhouses like, say, Big E. We’d like to see how the “Big Bad Booty Daddy” would match up against a dude who can bench press 575 pounds. — ALEX GIANNINI



15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

OK, let’s be honest: Batista’s 2014 return tour was not as glorious as everyone hoped it would be. Blame that pesky Daniel Bryan for stealing The Animal’s thunder, but the six-time World Champion certainly brought the fire before he pageant-waved his way out of WWE for a second time. Since then, he’s found his footing in Hollywood as both a Marvel hero and a Bond villain, but the prospect of never seeing Batista — and his peerless fashion sense — in the ring again leaves us feeling a little, well, blue. — ANTHONY BENIGNO


Papa Shango

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Early ’90s Superstar Papa Shango cast such a powerful spell over the WWE Universe that not a Royal Rumble goes by without swathes of WWE fans hoping the voodoo warrior lands one of the coveted Legends cameo slots in the 30-man melee.

Whether you thought he was terrifying or terrifyingly hokey, Papa Shango was nothing if not memorable, and the possibility of seeing his smoking skull billowing down the aisle one more time seems too good to pass up. The big man duked it out with, and put curses on, all-time greats like The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker. Short of a Royal Rumble Match appearance, one could imagine Papa Shango entrapping modern Superstars like perennial good guys Kofi Kingston or Sheamus in his feared “black circle.” Or, perhaps Papa Shango would be better suited to fight fellow mystical menace Bray Wyatt in a creepy showdown for the ages.

Hexin’ ain’t easy, and few did it as compellingly as Papa Shango, which is why he deserves one more match. — JOHN CLAPP


Trish Stratus

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

She is, perhaps, the greatest Diva of all time, and she left WWE still at the top of her game. Today, the WWE Universe fondly remembers Trish Stratus as a fierce competitor who could do it all in the ring. As beautiful as she was tenacious between the ropes, Stratus’ in-ring repertoire included effective striking and acrobatic, high-flying maneuvers that allowed the legendary Diva to claim the Women's Championship seven times over the course of her WWE Hall of Fame career.

When it comes to Divas, Trish is the standard against which everyone else is compared. How would today’s Divas measure up? We’re not sure, but we would definitely pay good money to see. — MICHAEL BURDICK


Steve Blackman

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Known as "The Lethal Weapon," Steve Blackman was a six-time Hardcore Champion and one of the toughest all around competitors of the Attitude Era. Blackman certainly wasn’t flashy, but he did have memorable (and, not to mention, extreme) matches against the likes of Shane McMahon and Ken Shamrock.

Blackman’s blue collar approach in the ring and strict training regimen perfectly complemented his extensive martial arts background to make him one of the most dangerous Superstars ever. That said, we think a “Lethal Weapon” sequel is in order, and Blackman should make a return to WWE, maybe to bring back the Hardcore Championship. — ALEX GIANNINI



15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Intimidating, arrogant, cunning. These are all apt descriptors of JBL, a powerhouse who was in turn loved and loathed by the WWE Universe. He is a self-made man, and he never made any bones about not being liked. JBL’s attitude helped carry him to a staggering 280-day reign as WWE Champion.

JBL is obviously still in fihgting shape — the former titleholder recently attempted to climb Mt. Elbrus — and could assuredly still throw down once the bell rings, a fact made abundantly clear when he leveled Heath Slater with a WWE Universe–shaking Clothesline from Hell on the 1,000th episode of Raw.

The street-fighting Texan may have made a fortune in finance, but maybe it’s now time to make a return to the squared circle, possibly to attempt to take down Bray Wyatt and his followers, with whom the broadcaster recently had a confrontation on Raw. — MICHAEL BURDICK


Michelle McCool

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

There are many types of Divas out there, but few matched the attitude of the first Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Whether mixing it up in the ring or talking trash as one-half of Lay-Cool, Michelle always demanded the spotlight.

And with today’s crop of talented Divas, McCool would certainly bring even more competition and excitement to the Divas division. — MICHAEL BURDICK


AJ Lee

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

She was on top of the world, and then, poof, she was gone. AJ Lee’s sudden departure from WWE this spring — after her second big WrestleMania win, no less — left a counter-culture hole in the Divas division that no woman has yet to fill. It’s shame enough that the three-time Divas Champion missed the Divas Revolution. But with Nikki Bella knocking on, and potentially eclipsing, AJ’s mark for the longest Divas Title reign ever, it might be time for The Black Widow to spin one last web and sink her stinger into the Divas division. — ANTHONY BENIGNO


Mr. McMahon

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

WWE’s Chief Executive Officer doesn’t need to bludgeon dudes with kendo sticks to be intimidating. Yet, whenever Mr. McMahon trades his custom suits for his signature all-black ring gear, the chiseled Chairman reinforces a lesson that’s been beaten into a veritable “who’s who” of WWE icons over the last two decades: “Don’t cross the boss.”

Since Mr. McMahon began  competing in the late 1990s (remember when he was WWE Champion?), we’ve witnessed The Chairman go between the ropes to settle personal scores with the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Bret Hart and even his own son-in-law, Triple H. Although the McMahon patriarch hasn’t had an official bout in nearly two years, we can’t help but hope for one more match from our calculating CEO. Would a warrior like Mr. McMahon pass up that opportunity? To steal a phrase, “No chance in hell.” — JAMES WORTMAN


Kurt Angle

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Kurt Angle probably doesn’t need to come back to WWE for one more match. He’s done it all already, but screw it. We want Angle back for one more match. Know why? Because of guys like Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Seth Rollins.

If there’s one dude out there who can go Greco-Roman knuckle lock for Greco-Roman knuckle lock with WWE’s five-tool Superstars, it’s the Olympic Gold Medalist. Those are dream matches that still have the chance to become a reality — and it won’t be that way for long. Angle has the work ethic of an Amish dairy farmer and his obsession with doing everything the hard way has taken its toll on a body that he’d like us — and, even more so, himself — to believe is unbreakable. But the guy is in his mid-40s with nagging injuries, and if he wants to keep up with The Man and Co., he’ll need to do it soon.

Otherwise, there won’t be any time for one more match.


Shane McMahon

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Not enough stuff breaks in WWE anymore. And, when Shane McMahon dressed to compete, things would break all the time.

Some assumed that the privileged son of Mr. McMahon might have been afraid to get down and dirty in the ring. Shane not only got down and dirty in the ring, but also around the ring, up the ramp and on top of the sets. The fearless warrior took on all comers, including extreme battles with Kane, Kurt Angle, D-Generation X and even his own father. 

What better time for the heir apparent to step back into action. It would be a sight to see, both in competition and in the always volatile power struggle to control WWE. One thing is for sure: Even if it was just for one night, things would get messy in a hurry. — ALEX GIANNINI


Shawn Michaels

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

As Shawn Michaels has shown throughout his legendary career, HBK transcends generations and can perform in any era.

Michaels was there when Hulkamania ran wild, he ushered in WWE’s New Generation and, even in the final years of his career, The Showstopper lived up to his moniker in two of the greatest matches of all time as he took on The Undertaker in consecutive years at WrestleMania.

Anyone willing to face The Deadman on The Grandest Stage of Them All twice is capable of just about anything, and we’d love to see The Heartbreak Kid become "The Comeback Kid" and step through the ropes just one more time. — ALEX GIANNINI


The Hardy Boyz

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

We’ve got the tables back. Time to bring in the ladders. The return of The Dudley Boyz both shook up WWE’s tag team division and left a whole generation of fans misty-eyed for the TLC carnage of Attitude Eras past. So we say bring in another veteran team from those classic confrontations to up the stakes: The Hardy Boyz, former World Tag Team Champions and certified Ladder Match aficionados. Not only could they still go toe-to-toe with those damn Dudleys, but seeing the Hardys take to the skies against young highfliers like Neville and The Lucha Dragons would also be a dream match we didn’t even know we wanted. — ANTHONY BENIGNO



15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

When one thinks of Bill Goldberg, the word "dominance" jumps to mind. That said, when discussing the most dominant players of a generation in any sport, it’s always fun to compare that player to similarly dominant competitors from other generations.

Goldberg is the perfect old guard wrecking machine who could test the mettle of a current talent. Not picking up what we’re throwing down here? Four words to clarify the argument:

Goldberg versus Roman Reigns.



"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

15 Superstars and Divas that should return for 'one more match'

Let’s face it: There’s one Superstar who is at the top of every WWE fan’s list of competitors they’re dying to see compete one more time.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin redefined the business and became the figurehead of the raucous Attitude Era, on his way to becoming the biggest Superstar of all time. "Austin 3:16" was a phenomenon unlike anything that came before it, sweeping through the WWE Universe and into the pop-culture lexicon.

And we here at WWE.com want to see the WWE Hall of Famer lace up those black boots, slap on those black knees braces and stomp a mud hole in one more opponent. And if we had our way, that opponent would almost assuredly be John Cena.  


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