WWE returns to Mexico

WWE returns to Mexico

Mexico City's Palacio De Los Deportes serves as the site for the first two nights of a four-show tour of Mexico, featuring SmackDown and ECW Superstars. The trip marks the first time WWE has toured Mexico since September, and the first time that ECW's New Breed faction has the chance to perform for Mexico's ECW fans.

"I think we're going to take the Mexicans to the extreme," said Elijah Burke. "I'm looking forward to shining my guiding light."

Marcus Cor Von had similar thoughts as the New Breed prepares to invade new territory.
"I think it's a great opportunity to expand the brand, and a good opportunity for The Alpha Male to get out there and show them what he can do," he said.

While Burke and Cor Von hope to culture their new setting, one New Breed member looks to take in a taste of Mexico.

"It's another part of the world that I get to see," Matt Striker explained. "As a historian, I like to take some time out of my travels to go around and visit places to really soak in the history, because it really does make up the world that we live in, and ultimately the culture of the people who we come into contact with."

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer sees the tour of Mexico as an opportunity to celebrate ECW's history.

"ECW is influential in bringing Rey Mysterio and all the other Lucha-style to the States," he said, noting that this tour marks his first time in Mexico.

Matt Hardy also cited the sports-entertainment history and the tradition that live in Mexico.

"They are awesome WWE fans," Hardy added. "Nothing drives us in the ring more than an enthusiastic WWE audience outside of the ring."

After spending two nights in Mexico City, the Superstars will travel to Chihuahua and then to Monterrey.

"It's a great wrestling crowd," Queen Sharmell said, remembering her last time in the country. "I'm looking forward to getting water and ice thrown at me, because I'm the ultimate bad girl."

Like Burke and Cor Von, Montel Vontavious Porter looks forward to giving WWE fans in Mexico their money's worth.

As long as we don't get paid in pesos, I love it," he said.

Even though the Superstars are excited about the support they always receive, that doesn't mean Mexican WWE fans should necessarily expect the same in return.

"I am excited," Striker explained. "However, I am also a little perturbed -- which could be the word of the week -- because recently in football (or soccer, as the kids like to say) there has been quite a bit of dissention between Mexico and the United States. I believe it was Landon Donovan who said that there is no more United States versus Mexico rivalry in soccer because the United States simply just beats them all the time. This will, of course, prompt me to wear my American flag wrestling trunks to remind the Mexican WWE fans that I am a big Landon Donovan supporter."
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