WWE Superstars eager to invade Spain

WWE Superstars eager to invade Spain

Raw, SmackDown and ECW travel through Europe from Sept. 24 to 27, and will visit Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Innsbruck, Austria; Munich, Germany; and Paris. (Click on the locations for ticket information.)


Spain is a country that has a lot to offer: the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the famous Museo del Prado art museum, delicious food and friendly people. And in less than two weeks, Spain can include WWE as a special offering when the Superstars and Divas of  WWE return to Europe Sept. 24, kicking off their European Tour (Read what WWE Divas are saying).

With a tour of such magnitude, it's only fitting that Big Show be included. The World's Largest Athlete is ecstatic about returning to the country, and performing for Spain's WWE Universe. 

"I'm a big fan of history, and Europe has a lot of it," said Big Show, who also looks forward to experiencing Spain's culture. "I want to see the architecture, places of famous battles, and artwork. To see the human spirit that they have to overcome, achieve and grow is uplifting to me."

New ECW Champion Matt Hardy, who also enjoys taking advantage of European tours to experience new cultures, can't wait to show off his gold with the WWE Universe.

"I'm looking forward to defending my ECW Championship overseas. I can't think of defending it in any other place in the world than in Europe," noted Hardy.

After entertaining our fans the first three days in Spain, Raw Superstars will conclude their tour on Sept. 27 in Paris. And even though Raw's Cryme Tyme sees eye-to-eye when it comes to M-O-N-E-Y, they share different reasons to celebrate this tour (Watch Word Up).

"I am looking forward to seeing how Spain gets it poppin,' you dig?" said JTG, who will make his first trip ever to Spain. "In Paris, this time, I'm going to the Eiffel Tower. I have to get some Eiffel Tower souvenirs. Hey, I might buy the Eiffel Tower, bling it out and wear it around my neck. Nobody is doing that right now. I'll make it hot in the streets."

Performing in Paris will allow Shad, of Haitian decent, an opportunity to reconnect with family members from Holland.

"I rarely get to perform in front of my family, especially my family in Europe. They're actually going to drive four hours to Paris, so it's going to be kind of exciting for me," Shad added. "I speak some French. I can easily get the crowd fired-up by saying ‘Paris fait quelque bruit,' which means ‘Paris make some noise.'"

SmackDown and ECW Superstars kick off their tour in Lisbon, Portugal, then the megastars appear in Barcelona, Spain, Innsbruck, Austria and finish in Munich, Germany. Going to Spain will be a first for SmackDown's R-Truth, who grew up in Charlotte, N.C.'s rough neighborhoods.

"I want to show our fans the best I have to offer, so my main game plan is to go over there and do it up," R-Truth said. "We're going over there to entertain them, and I want to show them WWE is the strongest it's ever been right now."

Even United States Champion Shelton Benjamin and former United States Champion MVP will enjoy going overseas. Two of SmackDown's most cocky Superstars are focused on the task ahead.

"It's always good to mingle with the locals, but my ultimate goal is to cement the legend of MVP everywhere I go. This way, fans can know that WWE is the most amazing and breathtaking form of entertainment anywhere in the world, especially when it's brought to you by MVP," said SmackDown's Ballin' Superstar.

Benjamin said he plans to raise the bar on the upcoming European Tour.

"Think about the advancements countries have made in the past few years since the Gold Standard came on the scene. Spain has made great strides in hygiene, quality in women, and the Euro has risen," Benjamin said. "Once the Gold Standard has affected your life, it only gets better from there and I can't wait to be that shining light for all of those in Europe."

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