"WWE Encyclopedia": The true WWE know-it-all

"WWE Encyclopedia": The true WWE know-it-all

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a friend regarding a piece of WWE history, but couldn't determine who's right? Now you can turn to the WWE Encyclopedia, which is no longer merely a nickname that your best friend may have bestowed upon himself. [Order the book at WWE Shop | Watch | View pages]

Dorling Kindersley's (DK) definitive guide to WWE, available in bookstores everywhere, leaves no question unanswered, touching upon all WWE Superstars from Bruno Sammartino to John Cena with everyone in between, including lesser-known performers like Battle Kat and Chuck Tanner.

"If it happened in WWE, it's in the book," said WWE Encyclopedia's co-author, Kevin Sullivan.

Sullivan spent 10 years at WWE.com, first as a Content Editor and then as the site's Director of Content Development. He co-authored the massive A-to-Z encyclopedia with Brian Shields, who has worked on marketing campaigns for multiple WWE video games and serves as Marketing Director for Game On, Inc.

"We all wanted to make something great," Shields noted. "Something that has never been done before and something that truly represented World Wrestling Entertainment, its history and Superstars."

The WWE Encyclopedia, which took almost a year to produce the more than 700 WWE entries and 2,500 images, is ready just in time to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania.

"Luckily for me, over the course of a decade, I was either in the arena or watching from WWE's television studio for all of WWE's greatest moments," Sullivan explained. "Drawing from those experiences really helped when it came down to sitting in front of the computer and typing."

Sullivan is quick to point out, however, that it isn't only the greatest parts of WWE history that are featured in this publication; it's all parts.

"We told the ugly truth if it had to be told," he admitted, citing the Full Blooded Italians as an example. The authors told the story of a group of Italians struggling to find their place in WWE, rather than glorifying a less-than-stellar run in the company.

DK initially contacted Shields with the idea for an encyclopedia in January of 2008. Editor-in-Chief Leigh Davis called him about the project and later informed him that Sullivan would be his co-author.

"This was a true collaboration between Kevin, myself, DK and WWE, which is why I feel the book has gotten such an incredible initial response," Shields said. "The title says it all -- The Definitive Guide."

Like all of WWE's loyal followers, Shields couldn't wait for the book to hit the shelves. He and Sullivan completed their final entries this past January.

"Now WWE fans everywhere can literally hold history in their hands," said Shields. "I'm proud and privileged to say that I was part of the team that brought this to the WWE Universe."

While members of the WWE Universe and Superstars alike are undoubtedly excited for the release, WWE.com learned recently that The Miz is a little bit confused. John Morrison enjoys all of the attention he gets in the book, but the self-proclaimed Chick Magnet didn't quite get comparable press.

"That was a bit of an oversight," Sullivan said. "The funny thing about it is that I'm The Miz's biggest fan. Well before he ever made it to WWE TV, I was pushing the decision-makers to let WWE.com do a weekly feature on him .… While I know it's not true, I like to think I played a major role in The Miz making it to the main WWE roster. So I guess we're even."


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