The Watchmen Watch WWE

The Watchmen Watch WWE

"Who watches The Watchmen?" The answer is moviegoers and comic book afficianados who waited more than 20 years to see Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Hugo Award-winning graphic novel realized on the big screen. And it's those same fans, as well as many more throughout the WWE Universe, who'll be watching again starting July 21, when both theatrical and extended cuts of Watchmen make their way to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. [Click here for more about Watchmen on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.]

With that, you'd be surprised to know that one Watchman has been secretly watching WWE - at least, according to a journal recently uncovered.

That's right ... Rorschach, the vicious, vengeance-fueled vigilante whose constantly morphing inkblot for a mask reflects a myriad of psychological states of mind, appears to be a WWE fan. In between the sociopathic entries of his journal, Rorschach collected visuals that suspects are actually elements most associated with WWE - Superstars, finishing maneuvers and various other items. [See the gallery.]

So, what are we looking at? Well, that's the beauty behind the inkblots which Rorschach amassed - since the test bearing the same name evaluates one's psychological state (kinda ironic when you consider the Watchman himself is just plain bonkers), has put together a photo gallery of these journaled inkblots and submitted conclusions with which you can either agree or disagree. In fact, we welcome your input, which you can provide any time, day or night, at WWE Universe.

OK, sit down, open up a can of baked beans (don't worry about heating 'em up; Rorschach says they taste fine cold), turn on a bright light (or just stand next to the illuminating azure-hued Dr. Manhattan), and tell us what you see when we show you these Superstar inkblots, starting NOW.

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