Divas make their Timbaland video premiere

Divas make their Timbaland video premiere

MOLINE, Ill. -- Raw just got a little bit sexier. The world premiere of Timbaland and The Hives' "Throw it on Me" video, featuring WWE Divas Ashley, Maryse, Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Layla and Brooke, was on Raw last night. The video makes its network premiere Friday on SmackDown.

"Get ready for a shocking experience, WWE fans," Timbaland said.

Along with director Justin Francis, the multiplatinum rapper/producer created a "Timb City" theme for the "Throw it on Me" video. Think "Sin City," but with the Sexiest Women on Television as larger-than-life superheroes.

"I don't have a favorite WWE Diva, I love them all. They all have their own different personalities," Timbaland told WWE.com. "They're hot because of their personalities. It's their spirit. Their energy is pure to me."

Francis said the Divas are beautiful, fun and talented. Combining them with Timbaland and The Hives makes his job as director even more of a pleasure.

"To sum it up, it's a dream come true, because rarely do you get the chance to do this. We have a great song, two great artists and the huge personalities of the WWE Divas," Francis said.

The video was shot in one day last month at Universal Studios in Universal City, Calif. From getting in the Timb City ring, to posing for a fashion photo shoot, to dancing on stage with Timbaland, each Diva showcases her individuality in the "Throw it on Me" video.

"Each Diva has her own style, her own look, her own persona. That carries through to this video," SmackDown Diva Ashley said. "Each one of the Divas stays true to her style. We had a great stylist, Jared Gold, who designed all our outfits. He really kept who we are in mind when he designed them."

Extreme Exposé's Kelly Kelly said she was thrilled when she found out she was chosen to be in the "Throw it on Me" video.

"This is very exciting. I would have never thought in a million years I would be in a Timbaland video," the ECW Diva said. "I love rap and hip-hop, and I always wanted to dance in a video."

Fellow Extreme Exposé dancer, Brooke, said she, too, never could have imagined herself starring in a No. 1 producer and rapper's music video.

"It's totally amazing to work with such great artists, and actually get to dance with them. Plus, we get to see how the video is made," Brooke said. "It's crazy to be a part of something so big. I'll remember it forever. It's something I'll keep forever and ever and ever."

Timbaland's second solo album, Timbaland Presents Shock Value, was released last month on Interscope Records and has been tearing up the charts. Known for his work with fellow major artists, Timbaland's special guests on the album include Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Fall Out Boy, 50 Cent, She Wants Revenge, Elton John and The Hives. When they weren't filming, the Divas spent their downtime on set chatting with the rock band.

"I was happy I had the chance to meet the guys from The Hives. They're Swedish, so I love their accents," SmackDown's Maryse giggled in her trademark French accent. "We had fun. They're very friendly and I had a great time talking with them."

The Hives' lead singer, Pelle Almqvist, said the band enjoyed co-starring with the Divas. They asked the Divas about sports-entertainment and the Divas showed them a few of their moves.

"We asked them a little bit about what it's like working at WWE. I'm interested. I was a huge wrestling fan when I was a kid. I still am," Almqvist said. "I really like WWE. Who doesn't?"

While you'll have to watch the video to see the outcome of the Divas' tussle in the Timb City ring, Torrie promised our fans they'll get to see her shine in a sexy, high-flying scene familiar to many.

"My favorite part of the day is probably when we got in the ring. That's our element. We got to show a little spiciness, and show everyone here, on set, what we do," the Raw Diva said.

Extreme Exposé's Layla guaranteed our fans will not be disappointed when they watch the "Throw it on Me" video, which makes its network premiere Friday on SmackDown.

"My experience being in the video was fantastic. It was lovely, gorgeous and a dream come true," the ECW Diva smiled. "I'd like to thank our fans that I'm here. I think they're going to love it. We're out there showing what we can do, and the video is amazing."

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