2007 Supplemental Draft results

2007 Supplemental Draft results

Six days after careers were shaken up on Raw, the 2007 Supplemental WWE Draft took place right here on WWE.com. Fifteen more Superstars and Divas found themselves with new homes following the Supplemental Draft, including the former WWE Tag Team Champions with the very first pick.

Here's how the winds of change blew during the Supplemental Draft:

Pick No. 1: Raw selects Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The first selection of the Supplemental Draft answered one of our fans' (and Superstars') biggest questions right off the bat. What if tag teams get separated? Luckily for London & Kendrick, they won't have to worry about that.

Headed from SmackDown to Raw, London & Kendrick will bring their high-flying, risk-taking style to Monday nights. While they leave behind their quest for revenge on Deuce & Domino, the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history will instantly become top contenders to the World Tag Team Championship held by Cade & Murdoch. With a slew of new challenges ahead in Raw's tag team division (including The World's Greatest Tag Team and The Highlanders and potentially The Hardys among others), London & Kendrick will need to be full speed ahead.

Pick No. 2: SmackDown selects Kenny Dykstra

As quickly as Raw gains an exciting tag team from SmackDown, Theodore Long's brand strikes back by selecting one of Raw's brightest young stars.

At only 21 years of age, Dykstra is already a former World Tag Team Champion, and has been quite impressive since branching out on his own months ago. While he has been teaming with Johnny Nitro in recent weeks, Dykstra heads to SmackDown solo, where he will look to make his mark just as quickly as he did on Raw.

Dykstra also becomes the fifth Superstar to switch from Monday to Friday nights, following the selections of The Great Khali, Chris Masters, Torrie Wilson and former rival Ric Flair.

Pick No. 3: ECW selects Viscera

The World's Largest Love Machine is about to become the World's Most Extreme Love Machine.

With its first pick in the Supplemental Draft, ECW picked up one of WWE's biggest behemoths from the Raw brand in Viscera, who joins Chris Benoit and Boogeyman as the newest members of the ECW roster.

As Big Vis enters the Land of the Extreme, one has to wonder just who his first target will be. From ECW Originals like Tommy Dreamer to the New Breed and CM Punk to newly-drafted Chris Benoit and Boogeyman, there's a lot waiting for Big Vis…but if past history is any indication, Extreme Expose might be the first ones in for a visit from the Love Machine. Perhaps a reunion with Kevin Thorn (who teamed with Big Vis at Saturday Night's Main Event) might be in the works as well. 

Pick No. 4: Raw selects Sandman

Exit Love Machine…enter Sandman.

Just minutes after ECW plucked Big Vis from Raw, ECW lost an Original to the flagship, as the Sandman has been selected by Raw.

The cane-swinging crowd favorite will now bring a touch of hardcore to the flagship, as he leaves behind fellow Original Tommy Dreamer for his first full-time trip outside the Land of the Extreme.

Will Sandman thrive in an environment outside of his comfortable extreme habitat? Will he perhaps share some Steve-weisers with Raw's resident suds-swiller, Stone Cold? The answers will lie ahead as Sandman joins Bobby Lashley and the deranged Snitsky as the third man to move from ECW to Raw.

Pick No. 5: SmackDown selects Hardcore Holly

ECW may be the Land of the Extreme, but SmackDown is now the home of Hardcore.

With its second pick of the Supplemental Draft, SmackDown raids the ECW roster by selecting Hardcore Holly. Holly, who is currently out rehabbing after elbow surgery, will soon be returning to the brand where he made his home for four years prior to his ECW stint.

Upon his return, the tough-as-nails veteran will instantly become a top contender to both the United States and World Heavyweight Championships, and he may still even have a few bones left to pick from his previous time on SmackDown.

Pick No. 6: ECW selects The Miz

Just as quickly as SmackDown plundered an ECW talent, the Land of Extreme strikes back. And ECW is about to get a Reality Check, because The Miz is coming to Tuesday nights.

The third man plucked by ECW from the SmackDown roster, Mike Mizanin will be bringing his reality (and all his Mizfits) to the Land of the Extreme. With the ECW World Title currently vacant thanks to Bobby Lashley's departure, the former Real World star would love nothing more than to add a golden accessory to his already well-coordinated outfit. HOO-RAH!

Pick No. 7: Raw selects Daivari

Raw once again raids the SmackDown roster with its third Supplemental selection, taking Daivari.

With the selection, Daivari returns to Raw, where he debuted in 2005. While he leaves behind his quest for Cruiserweight gold, the Detroit native will almost certainly have Santino Marella and John Cena in his sights; Daivari and Cena are no strangers, as many of our fans will remember his rivalry with The Champ late in 2005.

Daivari also joins former SmackDown colleagues King Booker, Queen Sharmell, Mr. Kennedy and London & Kendrick on the Raw roster.

Pick No. 8: SmackDown selects the Major Brothers

Somewhere, Matt Striker is smiling, as with their latest pick in the Supplemental Draft, SmackDown has selected ECW newcomers Brett & Brian Major.

It was the lifelong dream of the Major Brothers to one day compete in ECW; now that they have achieved that dream, their selection in the Supplemental Draft will now give them the chance to test the waters on SmackDown.

The arrival of the WWE newcomers to Friday nights will help fill the void left by the departure of London & Kendrick to Raw earlier in the Supplemental Draft, giving WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino a new challenge to contend with.

Pick No. 9: Raw selects William Regal

Raw's Draft started royal, and now it's even more Regal.

With its fourth pick in the Supplemental Draft, Raw has plundered William Regal from SmackDown, its third choice from SmackDown in four Supplemental Picks.

Regal was traded to SmackDown in a blockbuster 11 person deal after the 2005 Draft Lottery, and now finds himself headed back to the flagship thanks to the Supplemental Draft.

The British Superstar has found success on Raw in the past, winning both the World Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships during his previous stint on the brand. And while he leaves behind fellow Brit and tag team partner Dave Taylor, he does have associates on Raw; it wasn't long ago that Regal was a member of King Booker's Court, and with both men now together in a new kingdom, their alliance may be revisited.

Pick No. 10: SmackDown selects Victoria

Victoria still "ain't the lady to mess with," and she will soon find out that Friday night is alright for fightin'.

With its fourth choice in the Supplemental Draft, SmackDown immediately struck Raw back by selecting former Women's Champion Victoria. The veteran Diva's blend of beauty, brains, toughness and attitude is coming to Friday nights, giving her a whole new crop of Divas to torment.

Pick No. 11: Raw selects Jillian Hall

For Raw, it's a game of "lose a Diva, gain a Diva."

With its fifth and final pick in the Supplemental Draft, Raw once again dipped into the SmackDown roster, this time selecting Jillian Hall and her aspiring singing career to come to the flagship.

Raw gains another beautiful Diva, and her addition helps offset the loss of Torrie Wilson on Monday and Victoria just one selection earlier. It also gives Jillian a chance to go after the Women's Championship more vociferously. However, it also means a whole new selection of our fans will get to "experience" Jillian's vocal talents for themselves.

Who's the winner in that deal? Our SmackDown fans surely have an opinion, and our Raw fans soon will too.

Pick No. 12: SmackDown selects Eugene

Selection No. 12 was SmackDown's final pick in the Supplemental Draft, and they sure made it special, bringing Eugene to Friday nights.

Just three picks after former mentor William Regal was drafted to Raw, Eugene's chances of reuniting with his World Tag Team Championship partner were cut down thanks to his drafting to SmackDown. Will the former champion find himself a partner and go after Deuce & Domino's WWE Tag Team Championship? Or will it be MVP and Edge who have to beware of the special Superstar?

Regardless of the answer for that question, our SmackDown fans are in for some entertainment.

Pick No. 13: ECW selects Johnny Nitro

With its final selection in the Supplemental Draft, ECW has truly gone Hollywood, and may need to change the brand's program name to Tuesday Nitro.

As the final pick in the 2007 WWE Supplemental Draft, Johnny Nitro is headed to the Land of Extreme. The Hollywood A-lister, who is a former WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion, joins reality TV star The Miz and Big Vis as the newest members of the ECW roster. And while recent tag team partner Kenny Dykstra was drafted to SmackDown earlier today, Nitro would love to make his mark in ECW by quickly claiming the vacant ECW World Title.

Nitro was the 26th and final Superstar to find a new home this week as he brought the 2007 WWE Supplemental Draft to a close. How will the Superstars selected today fare in their new environments? Tune into Raw Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network as the next phase in their careers begins.

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