Superstars talk 'SmackDown vs. Raw 2010'

Superstars talk 'SmackDown vs. Raw 2010'

It's something that most people can only dream about -- having their likeness captured in a video game. But for several Superstars and Divas, this dream became a reality with their addition to THQ's SmackDown vs. Raw video game franchise. caught up with some of the newest ring competitors from the 2009 and 2010 top-selling fighting game to get their thoughts on their likeness, their moves and what it feels like to be played on game consoles across the WWE Universe. (PHOTOS)

Evan Bourne

High-flying Superstar Evan Bourne had nothing but praise for THQ, the creators of  the SmackDown vs. Raw franchise.

"The likeness to myself is remarkable," said "Air" Bourne. "The designers made me look extremely jacked and got my ring attire down to a ‘T,' including the peace sign."

And even though seeing Bourne's Shooting Star Press light up game consoles is cool, it will never compare to the breathtaking move in person.

"I definitely do the Shooting Star Press much better than my character in the game. I've got so many intangibles ... there's only so much motion captures can do," he said, smiling.


Natalya had just one thing to point out: "I'm more beautiful than in the game ... but the game really captures me in the sense that it's bright and colorful. They have one of my special holds in there, too."

But WWE's first third-generation Diva was also very humbled to be in the SmackDown vs. Raw franchise.

"It's unreal to be in the game. With all the features they use, when I saw myself in there with the pink in my hair … I felt like I had finally made it."

Kofi Kingston

Kingston is the reigning THQ Superstar Challenge Champion - yet besting some stiff competition with a controller has nothing on being in the actual game.

"I'm one of the biggest gamers on the roster," Kofi said of his skills. "I owned every game of the franchise and would always create myself."

As Kofi continues to practice to hold onto his title, he notes that the 2010 SmackDown vs. Raw is the best one yet.

"They did a great job with all the movements and facial features, especially with it being fully customizable. [THQ] gets better and better every year."

Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix may prefer wearing her crown inside the squared circle, but that doesn't mean The Glamazon is a prima donna when it comes to video games.

"I'm a bit of a gaming nerd," the former Women's Champion confessed, noting her favorite games of WrestleMania for the original Nintendo and No Mercy for Nintendo 64. "To be part of the wrestling evolution in the gaming world is pretty awesome."

But as any smart, sexy and powerful Diva will tell you, the character on the video game screen could never match up to the person herself.

"They captured The Glamazon's likeness as close to perfect as they could - which is difficult, because nothing is as great as the real thing," the Beauty from Buffalo smirked.

Dolph Ziggler

His name is Dolph Ziggler, and he says his addition to the video game was a long time coming.

"We're going to have a lot more girls buying the video game," Dolph said of his inclusion to the roster. "Now I won't have to create myself like I always have done to become champion. Now I can be the champion on the game and on TV."

His likeness in the game, though, is missing something - "I think I've added one more ab to my repertoire," he insisted - and some magazines and special ladies better be on the lookout.

"I've already sent a copy to Tiger Beat,"  Ziggler claimed, "and also to each one of my girlfriends."

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