Reunited: Does it feel so good?

Reunited: Does it feel so good?

Last year witnessed a handful of bands -- blasts from the past -- reunite to the delight of many fans. Groups like the Spice Girls, Genesis and The Police's top-grossing tour of 2007 have given way to rumblings of many more reunions in 2008. This got thinking: Which musical bands -- or for that matter, which WWE factions or tag teams -- would our Superstars and Divas like to see get back together, even for just one night only? Some of their choices may surprise you.

"I'd like to see Stone Temple Pilots get back together," Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy told "I heard a rumor that they might."

STP, fronted by Scott Weiland (now lead singer of Velvet Revolver, which provided the theme for the 2007 Diva Search), earned its alternative rock rep on such hits as "Vasoline," "Wicked Garden" and "Creep," before disbanding in the mid-1990s. But news that the group might be touring this summer, according to, is especially pleasing to Hardy's ears. "I hope that's true," he said.

Raw Superstar Mr. Kennedy may be trying to end Ric Flair's career at No Way Out one week from Sunday; however, he'd like to see one of his favorite bands, Motley Crue, keep its career going -- and go out on tour again.

"I remember when they kicked Vince Neil out of the band; I was so upset," the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wisc., recalled. "I never got to see them in concert until later, when they brought him back. It was one of the greatest concerts I've been to. If those guys could put out another album, it would be fantastic."

Kennedy's wish might just come true. The band's ninth studio album, Dirt, is rumored for a 2009 release -- with all of the original members on board.

Tommy Dreamer claims he isn't a big fan of reunions … unless all of the original band members are involved. In some cases, though, he realizes that this may be impossible.
"I'd love to see The Doors, but Jim Morrison is dead," the ECW Original lamented. "That would be the greatest comeback of all time. Maybe John Morrison could fill in for him … though I'm not so sure that he really knows how to sing."

Current WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison agrees with Dreamer's band of choice, though not his assessment of the Shaman of Sexy's singing. "The Doors really shaped a generation," he said, oddly lowering his sunglasses while looking upward. "Their music was a fusion of poetry, instrumental and rock that defined a genre of music. The Doors' artistic contributions came from their own minds, and you don't see that anymore."

Some Superstars don't have to worry about which band they'd like to see fire-up the amps one more time.

"I've been really fortunate because all of my favorite bands have reunited," Matt Striker boasted. "The Police, Cream and the original Van Halen all got back together. My No. 1 band, Rush, never even split up. Greatness always stays together."

Well, not quite, Matt. Case in point: New Kids on the Block took a nosedive off the curb nearly 15 years ago. Nevertheless, specifically, Raw's tone-deaf Diva Jillian still holds out hope for their possible reunion … and a marriage proposal?

"NKOTB were my favorite!" she exclaimed in a voice that could shatter glass. "The music was good, but I was going to marry Jordan Knight, and that's all that matters!"

When it comes to the re-gathering of WWE factions and tag teams, many of our Superstars have two words for you: D-Generation X. And if you don't like that, they may well have a few more. Tommy Dreamer, Mickie James and Jeff Hardy all agreed that a reunion of our favorite D-Generates -- at any time -- is a good thing. Whether it be mainstays Triple H and Shawn Michaels, or branching out during the Attitude Era with the DX-Army, the faction was always up to something … and it often involved WWE's Chairman.

"They put on some really great matches," said Dreamer. "Plus all of the s**t that they did...."

He means that literally. Neither Dreamer nor our fans will ever forget how Triple H and Shawn Michaels -- while impersonating the Chairman and his son, Shane -- dumped a massive load of crap from above in 2006. What's not to love?

John Morrison, in typical style, would rather give props to himself. "MNM was the best. We were better than The Cabinet, Four Horsemen, Legion of Doom or any other factions you can think of."

One might wonder how many of our fans would think of the "tongue-in-cheek" faction that was Kennedy's preference for a return appearance. Meanwhile, Brian Kendrick would like to see some hip-hop flavor back inside a WWE ring someday.

"The J.O.B. Squad was really entertaining," Kennedy said. "They [Al Snow, Blue Meanie and others] were a bunch of underdogs, and it was nice to see them get a run."

"I always wanted to see Public Enemy and the Nation of Domination get back together," Kendrick explained. "Both of them were so ‘gangsta,' and that's what I aspire to be like."

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