Mr. McMahon's 'Reality Checks'

Mr. McMahon's 'Reality Checks'

Mr. McMahon is returning to Raw this Monday night at 9/8 CT, on USA Network. In honor of the Chairman's return, has been compiling various facts about Mr. McMahon that you may not have known. We call them "Reality Checks." will be featuring their collection of "Reality Checks" on a front page ticker. Here's a preview of some facts about the Chairman:

Mr. McMahon once spanked Shane as a child. Four states away, the doctor who delivered Shane eight years prior started crying.

Mr. McMahon doesn't "dial" phone numbers; he orders the numbers to pull together and dial themselves.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has been dubbed the "Texas Rattlesnake." Mr. McMahon has the other 49 states covered -- as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

McMahon = Triple word score in Scrabble, plus 50 points for using all your letters.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it's because Mr. McMahon fired the tree and anyone in the vicinity.

The "Voices" Randy Orton hears in his head are Mr. McMahon's.

Now we are asking YOU, the WWE Universe, to come up with "Reality Checks" of your own for the Chairman. Please submit yours in the "Reality Checks" discussion thread on WWE Universe, and your best ones will be added to the Reality Check ticker.

Be sure to watch Mr. McMahon's return to Raw this Monday night, and see if the Chairman gives the show a "reality check" of its own.

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