Raw Superstars tour Ireland and Portugal

Raw Superstars tour Ireland and Portugal

Our fans in Ireland as well as in Portugal are getting their first WWE action fix of the year as Raw Superstars embark on a tour covering five days in the two countries.

"This is a great opportunity because even though I know WWE airs in over 270 countries, you don't really realize it until you're there and you see that fan base," said Candice.

The tour kicked off in Dublin, Ireland, yesterday. Superstars are scheduled to stay for two nights. The Point Theatre serves as host to both of WWE's Dublin shows. The trip also features two nights in Lisbon, Portugal's Pavilhao Atlantico.

The Superstars all have their own reasons for why they have been looking forward to Europe.

"Portugal," JTG said. "The ladies got it poppin' down there, and JTG likes to get it poppin'."

Carlito had the same frame of mind, saying he's been disappointed in the women in Ireland, but he has high hopes for women in Portugal.

"I'm not looking forward to going," added the born-again bachelor. "I'd rather go to the Caribbean."

Kenny Dykstra is excited not just for women but for all of our fans.

"I know I'm a huge star out there because I've been on WWE.com Heat," he said. "Our fans overseas see me every single week."

Dykstra revealed he has both Irish and Portugese ancestry, saying he caters to all our fans.

"The arenas will sell out for me," he added. "The place will go nuts when I come out."

While Dykstra has been looking forward to our fans seeing him, Mickie James is anxious to see them.

"Our fans are always appreciative," she said. "They don't get to see us as much."

While she's away, Mickie looks to add to her bedroom collection. She buys one souvenir from every place she goes and then hangs it on her wall.

Johnny Nitro hopes to bring a bit of himself to Ireland to spread some better habits to our fans in Dublin.

"Everyone's drinking their Guinness and gorging themselves with potatoes," he said. "No one's watching their carbohydrate intake. They're pasty white, too."

Whatever the reason may be, all of the Raw Superstars on tour are excited to experience the cultures and the enthusiasm our fans have to offer in Dublin and Lisbon.

Be sure to check WWE.com frequently with updates and photo galleries capturing the tour.

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