Unmask the mystery: The Master of the 619 talks about his new book "Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask"

Unmask the mystery: The Master of the 619 talks about his new book "Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask"

Rey Mysterio's explosive new book, Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask - in book stores Nov. 10 - presents the WWE Universe with a comprehensive, in-depth look at The Master of the 619. But the Superstar who has never backed away from a challenge told WWE.com why getting the book written was a challenge in itself.

"When WWE came to me and said they wanted me to write the book, I said, ‘Oh no, I'm not ready for that,'" explained Mysterio, shaking his head in disbelief. "It was more of a shock to me - I wasn't expecting it. I always planned to write something closer to the end of my career. But they kept persisting."

Persistence indeed paid off, and eventually the high-flying Superstar hurled himself into the project, mask first. And once he did, his experience was nothing short of amazing.

"Once I began working on it, it immediately became very interesting for me," he recalled. "Everything just started flowing. It was really cool to reminisce, looking back at stories from day one all the way to the present, even stories from the age of 8 years old."

The Ultimate Underdog was more than confident that his new book will offer something for everybody.

"When writing Behind the Mask I opened up on every level," he said enthusiastically. "Hopefully, even the more knowledgeable fans, who really know me will be surprised when they read it," Rey said. "But," he added with a smile, "I did state at the end of the book that if there was anything I had forgotten, hopefully I will get it in part two."

Always concerned about his loyal fans, the former World Champion was concerned about one element of the book in particular -- making sure every reader has the chance to learn what he is truly about. 

"This book says everything about me," insists Mysterio. "Whoever reads it is going to step into my life. When the WWE Universe reads it, they will to find out who I really am."

Don't miss your chance to purchase this essential read of one of WWE's top Superstars, crucial to any WWE Universe member's library. Order now.

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