Big things are poppin' again

Big things are poppin' again

This past Friday on SmackDown, General Manager Vickie Guerrero thought she had engineered a sure-fire way to kick Triple H out of Sunday's Royal Rumble. But, Montel Vontavious Porter surprised both Guerrero and the WWE Universe by breaking his 20-week losing streak, beating Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match with a little help from an unlikely ally.

Attention first came to MVP's growing streak of defeats when the WWE Universe learned that his lack of wins could cost him his contract incentive bonus. Once that deadline came and went without success, a downward spiral of misfortune began for the Franchise Playa', causing him to lose everything from his elaborate entrance to his plush "VIP Lounge" furniture. Slowly, the situation started to visually eat away at MVP's seemingly unending supply of confidence.

But change was set in motion last Friday, when Guerrero made a match between the Ballin' Superstar and The World's Largest Athlete. Completely confident in MVP's inability to prove victorious, she added the stipulation that if MVP was defeated, Triple H -- the Superstar who has been a thorn in her side since being drafted to SmackDown - would lose his spot in the Royal Rumble Match. Guerrero never dreamed that MVP could overcome such unbelievable odds. 

However, inside even the most downtrodden WWE Superstar lives the heart of a lion that will never retreat and never surrender. In an absolutely grueling match, the combination of MVP's straight ballin' refusal to stay down - no matter what Big Show threw his way -- and a hard-hitting shot from the mighty sledgehammer of The Game allowed MVP to literally rise to the occasion as The World's Largest Athlete failed to beat the 10-count. 

MVP had proclaimed several weeks ago that once he changed his luck, it would signal the beginning of a new era. Will this taste of victory truly bring a mouthful of success for the former United States Champion? Or will the triumph prove insignificant, with MVP coming to mean nothing more than "More Victories Please"?

Find out in the coming weeks on SmackDown, Friday 8 / 7 CT on MyNetwork TV.

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