MTV reviews Flavor Flav and Meat Loaf on Raw

MTV reviews Flavor Flav and Meat Loaf on Raw

As reported Tuesday, MTV News covered the appearances of rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav and iconic rocker Meat Loaf on Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh.

The famed Public Enemy rapper appeared with R-Truth in the ring, co-performing Truth's entrance theme. Flav also appeared in a segment in the host's office, presiding over a rap challenge by William Regal.  

Meat Loaf interupted Randy Orton early in the evening, and encouraged The Viper to use one of the singer's new songs from his newly-released album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear, as his entrance theme. When Loaf tried to sing a song for Orton, The Viper RKO'd him.

For more on the evening, click here to read MTV News' article. 

Visit WWE Raw's photo section for shots of Meat Loaf's encounter with Randy Orton.

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