This one's a slobberknocker!

This one's a slobberknocker!

After nearly a decade's worth of commentating on Raw and approximately 30 years of experience as a sportscaster, it's no surprise that Jim Ross has witnessed many "slobberknocker" moments in his time. With so many years of experience and being, as many like to call him, "a walking encyclopedia," we can't help but wonder what are J.R.'s top "slobberknocker' moments of all time?

In Eric Mirlis' novel, Being There, WWE's very own J.R. was selected as one of the top 100 sports broadcasters to explain and illustrate his most fond experiences in the business. Since not many can convey an experience quite like J.R, it is no doubt that in Being There he brings the readers to the edge of their seats. After observing some of the most explosive matches of all time, not to mention watching the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, and the Oklahoma Sooners play for so many years, it is no question that J.R. has lived through a great deal of history and has a wealth of insights to share.

His top five experiences range from WrestleMania X-Seven to Oklahoma at Texas in 1970.

In a WWE. com exclusive, Eric Mirlis talks about why he chose J.R. for this publication and how his inclusion became such an important piece to the project.

"As expected, J.R. spoke from the heart when we talked, and the conversation I had with him remains one of my favorites," Mirlis said. "We all know how important Oklahoma football is to J.R., and hearing him talk about his Sooners brought some very personal stories to the book, which is exactly what I was trying to capture from each of the participants."

No doubt, J.R. is known to trigger emotions in our fans in a way that no one else can. His excitement captures others and rushes through them. He can take the fans from sitting at home in front of a 27-inch TV, to being right there live at ringside, feeling like they were right along side him.

Other major sportscasters that shared their stories include: ESPN SportsCenter host, Steve Levy; current MSNBC news anchor, Keith Olbermann and legendary NFL play-by-play broadcaster Pat Summerall.

"My goal in Being There was to get as broad a cross-section of broadcasters as I possibly could," Mirlis explained. "That, coupled with my being a fan of his for many years, made J.R.'s inclusion an important piece of the project."

Whether you're a WWE fan or a sports fan in general, this book is truly the ticket to re-living some of the greatest moments in sports history, through the eyes of some of the best in the business.

Being There was released on May 1, and is available online and at major book retailers everywhere. So, go grab some of J.R.'s tangy BBQ sauce, dab it on top of your newly released copy and take a bite out of this "slobberknocker" for yourself.

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