WWE's Jim Johnston receives BMI Award

WWE's Jim Johnston receives BMI Award

WWE's own Jim Johnston has been honored with a 2008 BMI Award for his fantastic work on WWE Raw. Johnston is the Music Director for WWE's TV Production unit, where he is responsible for the exciting music that fans hear every week on WWE programming. If you have a favorite WWE song, or particular entrance music that always gets you pumped, chances are that Jim Johnston is the man to thank, having written and composed countless songs for use on WWE programs.

This is the seventh time that Johnston has been honored by his peers in the BMI, an organization representing more than 375,000 songwriters, composers, and publishers. The award comes at a time when fans are embracing Johnston's work as well, as the past year saw the release of not only the eighth volume of WWE: The Music, but also a greatest hits compilation of songs from Monday Night Raw. The next time that you are enjoying a WWE program, take a moment to listen to the award-winning handiwork of Jim Johnston—we're sure you'll find yourself agreeing with the BMI.

Congratulations, Mr. Johnston, and thanks for making WWE Raw sing!

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