J.R. suffers third Bell's palsy attack

J.R. suffers third Bell's palsy attack

SmackDown announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is down, but he's far from out, despite reporting on his blog on jrsbarbq.com Tuesday that he has suffered his third attack from Bell's palsy. [To read the blogs, click here.]

Bell's palsy - named for Scottish surgeon Sir Charles Bell, who studied the nerve and its innervation of the facial muscles 200 years ago - is a paralysis or weakness that affects the muscles on one side of the face, often caused by trauma to the seventh cranial nerve. In most cases, the effects are not permanent.

Ross' first encounter with the condition took place in late January 1994. His second Bell's palsy attack occurred in late 1998, days after suffering the loss of his mother.

In the first of two blogs he posted Tuesday, Ross reported that he suffered his third Bell's palsy attack Monday night, during a flight from Oklahoma City to Atlanta. "I was able to reach WWE doctors who were in Jacksonville for Raw," he wrote, "and they were able to call in the medicines I needed to get started on to slow down the paralysis."

"I saw my neurologist today in Norman and had a long consultation and some testing," the WWE Hall of Famer said, remaining in good spirits as he gave WWE.com the latest on his treatment.  "He diagnosed me, as expected, with full blown Bells palsy. It is on the right side of my face and has adversely affected my vision in my right eye more than previous bouts. We are concerned about the cornea in my right eye being damaged, which is why I am using a ton of artificial tears and having to tape my eye shut at night to sleep along with using a gel in my eye under the eye patch."

Ross had intended to quickly resume his SmackDown announcing duties, as well as be a part of WWE Bragging Rights this Sunday in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, those plans have since changed.

"My timeline on returning to work is unknown as I write this. I wanted to be a part of WWE Bragging Rights. I think it will be a fun and unique show that will be showcasing some new talents in key bouts. How well they perform is up to them, but I hope that they take advantage of their opportunities no matter their roles. It's easy to "get lost" in a seven-man tag, for instance, but it is up to every man in the match to make their presence felt. Quality minutes is just as important as quantity of minutes."

Though understandably disappointed, "Good Ol' J.R." took the time to thank everyone who was "tremendously supportive of my situation." He had additional thing to say in his latest message to the WWE Universe.

"For those fans that think that this is the end for me or the end is near I suggest you rethink your position. I still love to play the game. I am an old school guy who still loves calling wrestling matches and sitting at ringside soaking up the adrenaline from the fans."

Keep checking with WWE.com for updates on Jim Ross' condition. And to read J.R.'s entire blogs regarding the matter, please click here.

Also, follow Jim Ross' blog on WWEUniverse.com here.

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