JBL a good investment for US Airways Magazine

JBL a good investment for US Airways Magazine

If you happen to be flying on US Airways this month and leaf through their in-flight magazine, you'll see the familiar face of former WWE Champion and current SmackDown commentator John Bradshaw Layfield, featured in the August issue of US Airways Magazine, in its "Alter Ego" section.

The investment guru told WWE.com that seeing fellow passengers stare at him after reading the article will be an interesting feeling.

"I remember when The Rock was on the cover of Southwest Airlines' magazine … he actually quit taking Southwest during that time. He got such a double-take from everybody," JBL laughed.

The article, titled "Bear Hugs and Bull Markets," looks at Layfield's self-taught financial prowess -- skills he uses today outside the ring as an investment banker with Northeast Securities in New York. JBL has previously penned his philosophies and experience into his book, Have More Money Now: A Common Sense Approach to Financial Management.

The cool and calculating former champion carries his hard work ethic and preparation habits into the financial arena. 

"I do a lot of homework before I invest in stocks," Layfield said. "Money's hard to come by. I don't gamble with it."

When asked for one solid rule of money management for those starting out in their financial lives, JBL said to beware of credit cards.

"You can't make money if you owe money. People that have credit-card debt and other types of high-yielding debt, they're screwed," JBL said. "They aren't going to make money. They're not going to save money.  First thing you need to do is get rid of that debt. … you've got to be smart about that."

You can read JBL's US Airways Magazine article online at USAirwaysMag.com

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