How time flies for WWE's Superstars

How time flies for WWE's Superstars

Thanks to WWE's ever-growing global popularity, world tours have become quite the common occurrence; this April alone, Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and ECW are performing in front of capacity-packed arenas throughout Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Spain, Switzerland, France, Austria Portugal and Scotland. Yet while their international adventures give them a chance to interact with our fans all across Europe, they also guarantee endless hours of tedious travel.

With that, asked our Superstars and Divas: How do they pass the time during long flights?

If you're a self-proclaimed VIP like Montel Vontavious Porter, a long trip can have its perks. "I am a platinum elite member of the Mile High Club," the United States Champion bragged. "If I meet an attractive, adventurous woman… that's one way I occupy my time, first-class."

Not everyone turns their transatlantic voyages into a scene from a Cinemax movie. In fact, Playboy cover girl Maria prefers spending much of her "air time" with her gorgeous face buried in a book.

"I read a lot," the Raw Diva told "I've read all the John Grisham books and every single Dan Brown novel. I just finished reading The Golden Compass, and now I'm reading There's More to the Secret. I read everything under the sun that I'm interested in, because information is the greatest gift anybody can be given. I like to keep myself informed."

Superstars like Mr. Kennedy rely on the latest portable technology to keep themselves entertained. When he's not trash-talking the crying baby in the next aisle, it's likely because the loud-mouthed Superstar is gaming it up. "I'll play PSP, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, whatever," he said. "If it's a really long flight, I'll also watch a movie or read a book, and I definitely try to get some sleep for the tour ahead."

ECW rookie sensation Kofi Kingston prefers catching up on his favorite TV shows. "I'll pass most of my time watching DVDs on planes. I'm a big fan of Lost. I usually watch some episodes to occupy my time."

Raw ring announcer and Diva Lilian Garcia is a tad more productive while airborne. "I did my taxes on one flight recently; I just sat with my tax book and calculator, and spent about two hours on them," she said. "After that, I worked on words and lyrics for some cover tunes with the band, and then I slept. If it's a redeye or morning flight, I'm asleep. Luckily, I'm one of those people that can sleep on a flight."

Legendary ring veterans like Shawn Michaels can, too. Having spent countless hours on long plane trips, WWE's Showstopper welcomes them as an opportunity for much-needed respite and relaxation.

"Now is a lot different than what I used to do," HBK revealed. "Since then, I've learned that the one thing you don't get enough of in this line of work is rest. So you have to try to make the most of that time when you're on an airplane."

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