The World's Strongest Thanksgiving

The World's Strongest Thanksgiving

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When you're about 6-foot-1 and 400 pounds, ain't no stopping you around Thanksgiving.

And when you throw in that you're a WWE Superstar who won the Arnold Schwarzenegger Strongest Man Contest, who is going to stand in your way?

For Mark Henry, the holiday means turducken.

Henry is heading to his family's home in Texas for a small gathering. They will have the usual goodies such as turkey, ham and pumpkin pie.

But the one item Henry is especially excited for is the semiboneless turkey stuffed with boneless duck, boneless chicken, cornbread dressing and Cajun-style pork sausage.

The average turducken weighs about 15 pounds, and Henry ordered his from Louisiana.

He is salivating describing it.

"I probably could eat a whole one by myself," he didn't joke.

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