Punt puts Husky Harris out of action

Punt puts Husky Harris out of action

After suffering a punt to the skull by an enraged Randy Orton on Raw this past Monday night, The New Nexus' Husky Harris will be out of action indefinitely, WWE.com has learned.

The Viper's retaliatory attack came just one night after the 2011 Royal Rumble, where Harris' leader, CM Punk, interfered in Orton's WWE Championship Match with reigning titleholder The Miz.

Also targeted by Orton was Harris' arm-banded cohort Michael McGillicutty, who had teamed with Husky to challenge WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov for their titles just moments before the assault. Following Harris & McGillicutty's defeat, Orton stormed the ring, RKO'd both Superstars and punted Harris while Punk and the rest of The New Nexus looked on. As medical personnel attended to Harris after Orton's attack, The Viper vanished through the crowd. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Although The New Nexus has not officially responded to Harris' injury, Punk warned on Raw that repercussions for Orton's actions would be severe. Tune in to Raw this Monday night for the fallout between The Viper and the yellow-and-black corps.

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