Dad's day means much for WWE Superstars

Dad's day means much for WWE Superstars

For years, The Miz has tried to coax his father into visiting the Superstar's home in Los Angeles, and to come get a taste of the California sun.

It's a Father's Day tradition for the spiky-haired Superstar -- each year he offers his dad a round-trip airline ticket from Parma, Ohio home to LAX. 

But so far, his father never accepted the gift. But maybe this year?

"I'm hoping this year maybe there will be a change, and he'll come visit me and see L.A. and see what it's all about," Miz told "He does not leave Parma ever. I've been begging him to, but he never does."

For WWE Superstars, Father's Day has the complications of every other holiday on the calendar. The WWE's grueling road schedule has most of the roster away from loved ones on the holiday weekend. 

So a bit of improvisation and pre-planning is required to make sure their dads get the Father's Day love and appreciation they deserve.

Jeff Hardy said that his father treats the holiday like it's nothing special.

"My dad always said every holiday like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving … it's just another day, " Hardy said. " Father's Day is every day for me.

"I worship every moment I spend with my dad, because that's all I got. I lost my mother at a young age. It means the world just to see him smile every day."

For Mr. Kennedy, he remembers his dad fondly on Father's Day. His father passed away from cancer in 2006, and was a major motivation in his chosen career.

"When I started getting into wrestling, my mom was obviously a little upset that I chose this line of work," Kennedy recalled.

He remembered quitting his full-time job as a security officer at a nuclear facility so that he could work matches on the weekends. His dad supported the move.

"I remember my dad [telling mom,] ‘Just let him do it … If he doesn't do it now, he'll regret it for the rest of his life."

With his dad's support, Kennedy worked to reach WWE, and then SmackDown in August, 2005.

"I remember one of my biggest things was to make sure I got to TV before he passed away, and I did that," Kennedy said. "He got to see me live out my dream. That was one of my greatest moments in the history of this business. I had tears in my eyes. It was a very emotional moment."

For the Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella, his family's tradition is to cook a feast. "We always gather around the table with my eight brothers and sisters, and my mother makes a very special feast for my papa," Santino said. "He likes special potatoes, and likes the pasta in a special, traditional Italian way. But we get to enjoy it too, because we like the way our mama cooks."

And for Paul London, it's a unique treat that brings his Dad a smile on his holiday.

"I'm going to try to make my dad a big ol' cake," London said. "Gummi Bear cake is his favorite."

The baked goods are just a small way of saying thanks to the man who's helped shape the Superstar's life.

"Father's Day is a fantastic idea of a holiday because it celebrates all of the wonderful fathers out there," London said. "My father is definitely a role model, he's the smartest man I know. He's given me all the best advice I've ever been given, not that I took it all the time."

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