Rated-R for recuperation

Rated-R for recuperation
Announcing that he had torn his left pectoral muscle, an emotional Edge was forced to surrender his World Heavyweight Championship last week on SmackDown. Before he did, the Ultimate Opportunist saw an opening to remind our fans that they had been deprived of seeing him in action by the Big Red Monster Kane. After unveiling a video tribute to himself, he then also blamed our unsympathetic fans for his recent setback: "I have given you everything, and this is the thanks I get." Before he could unleash more of his frustration on our fans, General Manager Theodore Long stepped in to silence the Rated-R Superstar's tirade, and to ensure that the show would go on.

After watching the former champion fail in his attempts to garner sympathy from our fans, reluctantly hand over his title to the General Manager and walk away, WWE.com spoke with WWE's Dr. Ferdinand Rios, to get an update on Edge's medical condition, and his outlook.

"It's a significantly torn pectoral muscle," said Dr. Rios. "It tore when he was kicked in the shoulder, which is something that could not be avoided."

According to Dr. Rios, there was no possible way Edge could have defended his World Heavyweight Title against the Big Red Monster at The Great American Bash this Sunday.

"In order to move your arm to and away from your body, and up and down, you need that muscle," he explained. "Repairing it would mean attaching the muscle back to the tendon, which would leave him out of action for at least four months. Edge will also not be able to move that arm for at least a month after surgery…and he most certainly will not be able to pick anything up."

It was certainly an ironic turn of events for the Rated-R Superstar, to suffer a taste of his own medicine from Kane that ultimately forced him to surrender the title. However, Dr. Rios maintains that the former champion made the right decision to take the time off and relinquish the gold. "There is always the probability of him tearing it again, especially if he had not taken the appropriate time for it to heal properly. Had Edge continued to enter the ring, he could have easily broken his arm, dislocated his shoulder or caused other serious, permanent injuries."

So, when will the Ultimate Opportunist return to ring action? Dr. Rios is optimistic that if the SmackDown Superstar undergoes successful surgery, "he can begin intensive rehab on the torn pectoral, and be back in four months or so."

Check back with WWE.com for more information on Edge's Rated-R road to recovery.

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