Should CNN apologize?

Should CNN apologize?

WWE contacted a recuperating former WWE Champion John Cena (who is recovering from a torn pectorial tendon and is expected to return to action next summer), and Cena is requesting that CNN apologize for its obvious and intentional misportrayal of his personal character during its special report, which aired last week nationwide.

When asked the question, "Have you ever done steroids?" Cena's answer was, "Absolutely not."  He was asked this same question several times during the interview, which took place less than two weeks after his surgery. Based on unedited coverage footage shot by WWE, CNN is clearly exposed in a manner which is highly unprofessional and gives perhaps an insight as to how CNN generally operates. It would appear as though CNN's reputation for presenting fair and balanced reporting has taken a severe hit to its credibility.

CNN's lack of professionalism has raised the ire of Web sites all over the country. The following are recent quotes taken from web journalists across the nation:


"I don't see how a respected news organization such as CNN -- or any responsible journalist, for that matter -- could omit Cena's initial response to the question, which was a clear and direct denial to having ever taken steroids." -- Kevin Eck, Baltimore Sun, November 12, 2007

"I have to agree with the WWE here. The way the interview was edited was unfair, taking out the part where Cena states clearly that he hasn't used steroids and leaving in an ambiguous, out-of-context statement." -- Michael David Smith,, November 12, 2007

It's a case of "he said -- but you didn't get to hear it." --, November 12, 2007

"This past week, CNN did their part to inaccurately portray the wrestling industry." -- Patrick Imig,, November 12, 2007


John Cena is still waiting for a public apology from CNN.  An exclusive interview with Cena will take place tonight and will be posted on immediately following WWE's presentation of ECW on Sci Fi on the Sci Fi Network from 10 to 11 pm ET.





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