Classy car for a class act

Classy car for a class act

It's not every day that a person gets the opportunity to own a true piece of history. However, Miyako Blassie, surviving wife of the legendary "Classy" Freddie Blassie, is offering that chance as the WWE Hall of Famer's Lincoln Town Car becomes available on WWE Auction.

"Everything had to be the best with him," Miyako told "That's why he was ‘Classy' Freddie Blassie."

Though she feels privileged to have known a Freddie Blassie who was different from what most people saw, his obsession for the best in everything remained consistent both in and out of the ring. He garnered countless accomplishments, including multiple championships and unquestioned fame, from his debut in 1935 all the way to his death in 2003. Likewise, at home, he demanded top quality in all aspects. His cars, especially his last one, the 1997 Lincoln, were his pride and joy.

For Miyako, Freddie's stubbornness to never settle shone through more than ever when he asked her to marry him. Meeting only once while he toured Japan in 1965, Freddie returned to the United States where he wrote her two letters each day for more than three months.

The letters stopped, but three years later, Freddie returned to Japan. And despite her fears of knowing virtually no English at the time, Miyako called the arena when she learned he was in town. Twenty minutes later, the two were in touch on the phone, with a referee who served as their translator. It was a good thing she called, at least for the sanity of everyone in the arena.

"He told everybody to find Miyako," she recalled with a smile. "He didn't remember my last name, address, phone number, nothing. Just Miyako."

The referee would serve as translator again when Freddie proposed during their next meeting. The language barrier, a 28-year age difference and diverse cultures were not enough to keep Freddie from eventually gaining her hand in marriage. Even though she said no at first.

What changed her mind? Admittedly, Miyako had a strange way of determining that Freddie would be the right husband for her.

"He had beautiful handwriting," she revealed. "It told me that he was a good-hearted person." She also disclosed that Freddie's notable teeth were also a selling point.

Miyako recollects that after they were married, he often joked with her that language was not an obstacle, but rather the aspect that kept them from ever getting divorced, since they were unable to argue with each other.

Although she is offering the Lincoln to WWE Auction because it's too big for her, Miyako will always have the memories of her time with Freddie, and how much he loved to show off, driving the vehicle through the streets of Westchester, N.Y.

"Whatever I do, I know Freddie's leading me to," she said, sure of her decision to part with the Lincoln and let someone else enjoy one of the WWE Legend's favorite possessions.

She considers herself very lucky for the chance to have known Freddie so well and to experience his "sunshine smile" and kindness.

"We were married 35 years," Miyako said, "And I never had the chance to see a bad part of him."

Be sure to visit WWE Auction for your chance to own a piece of priceless history.

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