The Champ's grand homecoming

The Champ's grand homecoming

BYFIELD, Mass. -- WWE Champion John Cena was a special guest at Homecoming, presented by Chaotic Wrestling and Fabulous Productions, last night. The charity wrestling show, put on by The Champ's father, John Cena Sr., aka Johnny Fabulous, benefited MADD Massachusetts, the Newbury Police Department and the Trista Zinck Scholarship Fund. (WATCH)

But Cena wasn't the only champion to get in the ring before a crowd of more than 1,200 at Triton Regional High School. ECW Champion Mr. McMahon made a surprise appearance during the main event, in which Cena was referee.

In a wild turn of events, Johnny Fabulous kissed Chaotic's Cherry Payne, Cena went down at the hands of Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Brian Milonas and then Mr. McMahon rushed the ring. The shocked crowd audibly gasped once they realized it was indeed WWE's Chairman in the Chaotic ring. Cena soon got back on his feet and after a tussle with the ECW Champion, delivered a thunderous FU to him and Milonas. Mr. McMahon ran out of the ring and disappeared from the gymnasium, and by disqualification, Milonas retained the Chaotic title; however, the fans roared as Cena and Johnny Fabulous held up the arms of crowd-favorite Rick Fuller.

Afterwards, Cena and his father thanked the fans for supporting the causes benefited by Homecoming. Johnny Fabulous offered a $1,500 check to MADD Massachusetts, which was only a portion of the money raised by the event.

"This is pretty big. I initially didn't know what to think or what the turn out would be. But just to come and see the community very tight-knit together is really good -- it's a really good thing," Cena told

Cena, who grew up in nearby West Newbury, Mass., has a personal tie to the event -- his brother, Dan Cena, is a Newbury policeman who was recently injured by an alleged drunk driver.

"The whole drunk driving cause really is something I think everybody knows about, but once you have an incident that hits closer to home, it really kind of puts things in perspective, that this is an occurrence that happens every day," The Champ said.

After his son's injury at the hands of an alleged drunk driver, Johnny Fabulous knew he had to do something to raise awareness about the seriousness of drunk driving.

"Why not do what I do every weekend? Put up the dough, put up the smile -- let's put on a show. So we did, we put on a wrestling show," Johnny Fabulous told "It's all about bringing everybody together. The hope is tonight, we will educate more people to the No. 1 abused drug in the country -- alcohol."

Thanks to large crowd of fans who turned out for Homecoming, many of whom flocked to an earlier autograph session with Cena, the night was a rousing success. An additional appearance by Raw Superstar Eugene, who competed in a match against Chaotic's Handsome Johnny, was just the icing on the cake.

"I think this event has really done what it's supposed to do, and that's raise awareness about the risk of drunk driving. Through and all its viewers and through the help of the local media, we've been doing fantastic about spreading the word," Cena said.

The Champ's brother was moved by the support of the community and the fans.

"It's an honor to have my brother down here. For him to take time out of his busy schedule, and to show up, show support for the local police department, and his family in general, it's outstanding," Dan Cena said. "The turnout we had by the fans who have come down, the support we have -- we couldn't ask for anything better."

Stay tuned to next week for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes video of Cena's Homecoming.

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