‘Best Damn' Champ plays host on FSN

‘Best Damn' Champ plays host on FSN

John Cena is a special guest host of FSN's The Best Damn Sports Show Period this week. Among the Best Damn hosts, he joins John Salley, friend and co-star of Fast Cars and Superstars -- The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race.

While The Champ talked all things sports with Salley, Chris Rose, Rob Dibble and Rodney Peete, he spent plenty of time ribbing Salley for being eliminated during the first round of competition on Fast Cars and Superstars.

"I was trying to take the John Cena/John Salley feud all the way to the top. One of us wasn't really into it," Cena joked.

"No -- one of us can't drive as well. That's what it is!" Salley laughed, admitting he was scared when he got in the NASCAR stock car.

The Champ, who was dressed in a Barry Bonds Arizona State University Sun Devils No. 24 jersey, in support of the homerun record-chasing Major Leaguer, said he wasn't scared of driving up to 175 miles per hour on the ABC show.

"The people at Gillette really wanted to come out and show what NEXTEL Cup is all about," Cena said.

"I got a razor out of the deal," joked Salley. (He sports a clean-shaven head.)

At the end of last night's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, a viewer requested to relive a favorite Best Damn Cena moment. Cena's Best Damn freestyle rap from his June 2005 appearance on the show was replayed, much to the hosts' delight. However, the hosts were a little bummed Cena's WWE Championship wasn't in attendance, as well.

"It's in the shop," Cena smiled, saying the WWE Championship takes some hits in the ring, and some of its bling is being spruced up.

The Champ will be a guest host again on tonight's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, airing at 11 ET on FSN. The season finale of Fast Cars and Superstars airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.

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