Mexico Mayhem

It was a heroes' welcome for the WWE Superstars when they arrived at the airport in Mexico City this week. Along with RAW Superstars, SmackDown Superstars Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero were met by a massive crowd of thousands of WWE fans and countless media outlets, all anxious to catch a glimpse of their heroes. is there to capture the effect the WWE Superstars have on a country teeming with excitement.

At the airport, the WWE fans were decked out in WWE T-shirts and Rey Mysterio masks (which are sold all around Mexico City). WWE fans clutched posters and cameras, eager to get autographs and snapshots of their favorite Superstars. While a mob of WWE fans crowded around the security guarding the WWE Superstars, was able to speak briefly with a few of those in the frenzied crowd as they followed the WWE Superstars to their tour bus.

"I just saw the new WWE Champion John Cena," shouted one excited female fan, with tears in her eyes, decked out in Chain Gang gear, holding a sign reading "Congratulations, John Cena!"

A wide-eyed boy in a DX shirt shouted above the bedlam, "I am here to see Triple H and Shawn Michaels. DX is my favorite!"

"The Guerreros are legends here in Mexico and Chavo just the next great one in a line of Superstars. Go Chavito!" said another female WWE fan.

"I've seen Rey five times. I'm hoping today will be my sixth. My room is totally covered with pictures of him," said WWE fan wearing a Rey Mysterio mask.

The pandemonium didn't die down after the WWE Superstars left the airport. Hundreds of fans were waiting at the WWE Superstars' hotel in Mexico City as well. While the hotel wasn't as much as a mob scene as the airport, the reception from the WWE fans was remarkably warm and inviting. While the Mexican WWE fans were happy to see the RAW Superstars, they were elated to see their home country heroes, SmackDown Superstars Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, who were equally thrilled to be in Mexico.

"Coming from Mexico, I can go back to my roots and wrestle Mexican style and add a little flavor to the American style," Mysterio said. "It's a different type of crowd, but I think it's like any other country we go to. They're so Americanized. They follow what's going on, on TV… That makes it a lot better for us because they're updated to what we're giving them on TV. The fans are incredible."

Mysterio, who has already made one appearance in Mexico in 2006, is a second generation wrestler while Guerrero is a member of his family's third wrestling generation. Guerrero is intrigued by adding a little bit of spice into the mix in honor of the setting. And while heritage plays a large role in the pride at stake in the Mysterio/Guerrero match in Mexico, it is impossible to forget the rivalry between these two SmackDown Superstars.

"The thing that stands out the most is that I'm going to wrestle against Chavo," Mysterio said. "So I'm bringing this rivalry all the way to Mexico and I think the fans are not going to be disappointed because I'm willing to give more than 100 percent."

"This is extremely important," Guerrero said. "We're not just representing SmackDown or WWE; we're representing Mexico."


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