WWE gets big in Japan

RAW and ECW Superstars landed in Japan to kick off a weeklong tour. RAW and ECW's top Superstars arrived for a tour of the Orient, learning about Japan's customs and culturing their host with a giant dose of sports-entertainment.

Superstars made frequent appearances throughout the week as WWE.com documented their visit. On two nights, Tokyo WWE fans had the opportunity to watch RAW and ECW in action.

"I know their fans are going to be amazing," said Jeff Hardy, who hasn't been to Japan in five years. "There's going to be a lot of adrenaline. It's going to be a rush."

Hardy added that he noticed Japan's WWE fans have gotten more fired up over the years, which makes him even more excited for the trip.

"I'm proud to take the brand to a place where it hasn't been yet," said ECW World Champion Big Show.

Big Show said it is important that everyone in every country has a chance to see the best product on television.

"I think the Japanese fans deserve to see ECW," he added. "We're bringing them hardcore. We're bringing the ECW World Champion. You can't get any bigger than that."

Johnny Nitro would argue that he is the biggest part of the tour.

"Everyone wanted my autograph because I'm from L.A.," Nitro said. "L.A. is where the standard is set for being cool."

Armando Alejandro Estrada is especially excited to provide Tokyo with a big taste of WWE from Umaga.

"In Japan, the land of the rising sun, the Samoan bulldozer is going to get unleashed and he's going to beat up a bunch of ninjas," he said with his infamous chuckle.

WWE's tour in Japan has had all of the Superstars excited.

"It's ECW vs. RAW, so that's an interesting part of it, as well," Hardy said. "And I look forward to rocking the Orient."


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