Phones ringing worldwide

Phones ringing worldwide

The announcement of the new tag team formed by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and AT&T Inc. has phones ringing around the world.

Today, WWE and AT&T formally announced a multi-year agreement that has enabled Cingular customers (who are now part of the new AT&T) to have access to exclusive WWE video and other mobile content. The pairing has stirred the business world and excited WWE fans.

The WWE-AT&T marriage was called "another crown jewel" in AT&T exclusive content offering in Multichannel News. (Read the story HERE.)

PR Newswire cited WWE's "exceptionally loyal and passionate fan base" as it predicted success for distribution of "the largest collection of mobile WWE content to date." (To read PR Newswire's coverage, click HERE.)

The Connecticut Post said the deal enables "customers might be able to preserve the moment when either Donald Trump or World Wrestling Entertainment co-founder Vince McMahon gets his head shaved at WrestleMania 23 next month." (Read the full Post coverage.)

The Web sites for CNN and ABC News picked up the coverage provided by Reuters news services, where Cingular expressed confidence that WWE's legion of fans would make the WWE-AT&T tag team "do very well." (Read the full story HERE.)

The Detroit News noted that both sides -- and fans -- will reap the rewards of the agreement and that "It is always nice to have a marquee name like WWE associated with your product."  (Take a look at the Detroit News' coverage.)

So, as the world awaits the showdown between Donald Trump and Mr. McMahon at the Battle of the Billionaires Hair vs. Hair challenge at WrestleMania 23, watch the exclusive videos on your phone -- and call all your friends!


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