Human wrecking machine Henry continues to dominate

Mark Henry is known as the World’s Strongest Man, but he is quickly gaining the reputation for being the World’s Most Dangerous Man. The human wrecking machine began his brutal path of destruction by taking out Batista, upon his return to WWE. Since then he has moved on to decimate the likes of Undertaker and Kurt Angle, and his latest victim was Chris Benoit. Henry went one on one with the Rabid Wolverine last week on SmackDown, but Henry didn’t care about whether or not he won. He just wanted to take Benoit out.

While some may think that Henry is just throwing his weight around and bullying other SmackDown Superstars, the World’s Strongest Man said there is a method to his madness.

“Taking Chris (Benoit) out was personal,” said Henry. “Two years ago I was on a road that I thought would have prepared me for where I am today, and Chris Benoit took that from me. He stopped me right before WrestleMania. I had to have serious and almost career-ending surgery on my shoulder, and I had a couple of calls from people, but Chris Benoit was not one of them. Now, he will sit at home for a little while and get to see what it is like to be able to watch the show and not be a part of it.”

But Benoit is just Henry’s latest victim. As soon as Henry came back to WWE, he targeted then World Heavyweight Champion Batista, and he put him out of commission with a serious arm injury. As a result of Henry’s attack, Batista was forced to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship and hasn’t been seen since.

After that, Henry  targeted more SmackDown Superstars and took out Undertaker when he felt the Deadman stole his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity against Kurt Angle. Henry delivered a crushing splash through the announce table on SmackDown, taking the Deadman out. And before their match at Judgment Day, Henry knocked Angle out of commission with painful rib injuries.

While Henry has caused pain and suffering for these Superstars, the World’s Strongest Man has taken great pleasure in his path of destruction.

“I’m enjoying it, and who wouldn’t? I get a lot of people who step to my face and talk a lot of smack about how they’re going to take me down, but that doesn’t translate into wrestling glory,” said Henry. “What would you do? You would take them out and make an example out of them so the next man will know that if they talk, they will get just what the last guy got. And I don’t think there will be much talking anymore.”

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