Splitting hairs

Splitting hairs
With the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23 looming closer, Mr. McMahon used last Monday's Raw as a forum to present a selection of hairstyles he thinks would suit Donald Trump's head. Should Mr. McMahon's representative Umaga defeat Trump's hand-picked Superstar in Detroit April 1, the Chairman of WWE will undoubtedly be ready to "lock in" on "The Donald's" mane.

WWE.com offered WWE fans the opportunity all week long to vote on which hairstyle they see as the perfect fit. The choices: a mohawk, the "Hulkamania look", a flat top, dreadlocks, completely bald…or Mr. Trump's current haircut, (should he not lose).

WWE fans spoke volumes, choosing to keep The Donald's current look as opposed to the other choices. Once again, WWE fans appreciated Donald Trump, much like they did when Trump dropped thousands of dollars on Mr. McMahon's head and into their hands. Here's how you've trimmed the votes:

Trump's Current Hair -- 21.71 %
Bald -- 17.23 %
Mohawk -- 16.91 %
Hulkamania -- 16.62 %
Dreads -- 14.23 %
Flat Top -- 13.30 %

Numerous WWE Superstars and ECW Extremists have also cut into the voting, offering opinions on which hairdo they would prefer to see on Donald Trump.

"A billionaire should have my haircut," said The Miz. "I feel like anybody with class should have a mohawk."

Superstars and Extremists alike are usually quick to disagree with The Miz, though the mohawk seems to be a popular choice for the future of Trump's hair.

"Everyone should have a mohawk at least once in their life," said CM Punk. "If Trump can't have his trademark helmet head, he needs the mohawk. And not a ‘faux-hawk' like that phony Miz on SmackDown; I'm talking about the type of mohawk that's put up with egg whites and glue on the tips."

"I like the mohawk because it explains what type of sense Donald Trump has for going up against Mr. McMahon," explained New Breed member Elijah Burke. "Mr. Trump might have more billions of dollars than he does brain cells, so the mohawk suits him just fine."

SmackDown Superstar Matt Hardy became nostalgic when offering his opinion, saying, "I used to rock a flat top back in the day, so I'm a big fan of the high and tight look."

WWE Superstars and fans will continue to split ends on this debate as it heads into WrestleMania 23, though one fact is certain: this Battle of the Billionaires has quickly lathered into a hair-raising spectacular. But for one man, there'll be no rinse and repeat by the end of the night.

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