Canada's Walk of Fame gets some Stratusfaction

WWE fans usually see Trish Stratus inside the squared circle pulverizing her opponents with her dominant offense. But on Saturday, she will be showing off some different skills – singing and dancing. The six-time Women’s Champion has been chosen to host the 2006 Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Trish will be inducting eight Canadians ranging from Eugene Levy of American Pie fame to Pamela Anderson. Trish, of course, is a proud Canadian herself, and was excited to find out she was chosen to host the event.

“The President and Co-CEO of Canada’s Walk of Fame’s kids are fans of wrestling, and he had seen my Second City shot which I did down in Toronto,” said Stratus. “He had just seen me in various media outlets in Toronto and thought it would be a great way to sort of show my stuff out there. But I also think he was interested in the demographic that I would bring along. Also, he’s Greek and I’m Greek, so it all worked out.”

Stratus was pretty tight-lipped about the details of the ceremony, but she was able to divulge a couple of juicy tid-bits.

“There will be five costume changes, there will be singing and dancing and there will be a little bit of ‘ha ha’,” said Stratus. “I met a designer named Renella De Fina, and she did gowns and gorgeous stuff. So, I immediately thought of her when I found out about this event. She designed a couple of my gowns. My opening outfit was actually inspired by Chicago. I’m a huge fan of the movie.”

But that’s as much detail as Stratus was willing to reveal. She’s not shy, however, about how proud she is to be hosting the event.

“When they first asked me, it was an honor in itself just to be associated with the event,” she said. “This event is wonderful for the fact that it raises awareness and brings attention to the Canadians. A lot of times we know the artist, entertainer or athlete, but don’t realize they’re Candian. I’m also excited because I have carte blanche. The first thing I said I wanted was a huge opening number with singing and dancing.”

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