Trish confirms retirement

As first reported Monday night on and in a WWE Mobile Alert, Trish Stratus is set to retire from in-ring action following Unforgiven next month. After Women's Champion Lita called to break the story on Monday, Trish confirmed on Tuesday morning that she indeed will be hanging up the boots.

Trish told that she was upset that Lita chose to break the story how she did, as she wanted to tell the WWE fans in her own way. However, the six-time Women's Champion then refused any additional comment, saying she will address the situation this coming Monday night on RAW.

On Monday afternoon, Lita called the offices to announce Trish's retirement. Apparently, Lita overheard a personal telephone conversation this weekend between Trish and her parents about her decision to retire.

"Trish was saying that the road has been taking its toll on her and it was time to take some time for herself," Lita told, "but the hardest part was that she couldn't decide how to tell her fans. Well, being the good friend that I am, I figured I'd break the news through to alleviate her worries and save her the trouble of figuring out how to let down all her fans like that."

How will Trish address this blockbuster announcement? Find out on RAW Monday night.

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