Travolta goes hog wild for Trump

Travolta goes hog wild for Trump was recently on the red carpet at the world premiere of Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta. When we asked the star who he thinks will make the best bald billionaire at WrestleMania 23, he responded without hesitation, "Donald Trump!"

Wild Hogs, starring Travolta, Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen and William H. Macy, is a comedy-adventure about four friends who hit the open road on a wild motorcycle trip. The Touchstone Pictures flick hits the big screen tomorrow nationwide.

At the Wild Hogs premiere, other red carpet stars had plenty to say about the upcoming Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23. It seemed most agreed with Travolta that Trump would make the best bald billionaire.

"Loveline" host and relationships expert Dr. Drew Pinsky, who makes an appearance in Wild Hogs, said April 1 would be a great day if Trump has to shave his head.

"I mean, I love the man dearly; however, he would be doing all of us a great service if he should lose this fight. It would be a wonderful thing. I'm getting tired of looking at the flip," Pinksy told

TV personality Erik Estrada agreed with Pinsky's sentiment, sort of.

"I'd like to see Donald Trump shave his head and then he should get one of these…" Estrada laughed and tugged at his hair, which is often mistaken as a toupee. "This is real. This is mine."

Wild Hogs actor Ray Liotta had a hard time deciding who would look better with a shaved head, Trump or McMahon.

"Oh, I don't know. I'm sure they'd both look good!" Liotta said.

Actor Rex Lee of Entourage added his two cents, too.

"Well, I'm not saying he'll look better, but maybe if Donald had his head shaved, that might actually be an improvement," Lee laughed.

Wild Hogs actor Kevin Durand agreed that Trump should go bald.

"I think he'd look fantastic, it would be a great look," Durand told "I did it in this movie. It's incredibly liberating."

Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso had a tough time making up his mind on the Battle of the Billionaires.

"Who would I rather see have his head shaved? I don't know. I don't want any billionaires mad at me!" Musso smiled. "I think Vince would look better, but Donald Trump should get it done."

Actress Tichina Arnold, who plays Martin Lawrence's wife in Wild Hogs, told she's ready to see anyone shave off Trump's mane.

"But will it really be considered a shave or can you pull it off? I don't know," she said.

When asked who will win the Battle of the Billionaires, Arnold replied hesitantly, "Vince McMahon? Donald may beat him with a paycheck, I don't know."

Identical twin comedians and Wild Hogs stars Jason and Randy Sklar, had plenty to say when it comes to Trump's coif.

"Donald Trump's hair -- and I love Donald Trump -- but I will say there are a lot of things going on with his hair," Jason Sklar said.

"My money's on McMahon because I saw him one time do an interview with Bob Costas and I thought Costas was going to get jacked," Randy Sklar laughed. "I was scared. I was nervous. It was like old Rowdy Roddy Piper's days."

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