Traditional song for an untraditional Superstar

Jimmy Wang Yang is SmackDown's newest fan favorite, but the entrance theme behind the redneck Superstar is the bluegrass banjo strum of David Church. According to Church, the appropriately titled "Gonna Punch Someone Tonight," has all the elements of a traditional, good ol' country song.

"It's simple; it's catchy; nothing fancy, but it tells a lot and it has a good melody," he said. "I like the opening lines," he chuckled as he semi-sang the first verse over the phone: "Call me all American, I'm a redneck through and through, Got my hat, my pickup truck, and my hound dog, he's named Blu."

Church, a veteran of the country music scene, was approached to perform the song a few months ago and was genuinely excited to collaborate with WWE. Like the Superstars of WWE, Church's rigorous touring schedule keeps him cruising the highways and byways.

Though life on the road keeps Church from religiously watching WWE, he said while surfing he ran into a video clip of Yang's on his Superstar page.

"I thought that was pretty cool," he said. "Yang's my favorite."

Be sure to catch Yang's country tune every Friday night on SmackDown or check out Jimmy's Superstar page.

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