Why the change of heart?

While on SmackDown, Torrie Wilson's demeanor was that of the All-American girl. Always smiling, Torrie was recognized as one of the friendliest Divas on the roster. Unfortunately, that all changed when she was traded to RAW. Ever since moving to Monday nights, the Playboy cover girl has developed quite a mean streak. WWE.com recently caught up with Torrie to talk about her change in attitude.

WWE.com: Why have you recently aligned yourself with Candice and Victoria and against Ashley?
Torrie: I don't think it's an alignment. It's more of an establishment of a cool group of girls. Girls that are clearly much cooler than the other Divas.

WWE.com: What are your early impressions of Ashley?
Torrie: I think it's great she won her little contest, but now it's time for her to step up to the plate and act like a true Diva. She has a lot of work to do to learn how to wrestle. She's trying, but she's not at the level Victoria and myself are. Not even close.

WWE.com: What are your issues with Trish upon her return?
Torrie: Actually, I think Trish is the one with the problem. All of a sudden she's Ms. Goodie Two Shoes and she feels like she has to protect Ashley. I don't understand it. She really changed during her time away.

WWE.com: You've begun to bring your dog Chloe down to the ring with you, how did that come about?
Torrie: Have you seen her? She's too cute not to be on TV.

WWE.com: How has she responded to her new fame?
Torrie: I've been traveling with her since December, so she's used to hearing the crowd and being in the arena. She doesn't get as nervous as I thought she would.

WWE.com: What were your impressions of the last RAW Diva Search and how it compared to the previous one?
Torrie: I didn't see too much of it because I was on SmackDown at the time. I thought they got some great girls in the last contest, especially Candice. I did notice the girls got a lot raunchier this time around, in that they did much more to get noticed.

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