A match made in hell

While at the premiere of See No Evil on Monday night, WWE.com had the opportunity to pull the writer of the movie, Dan Madigan, aside to discuss the films road to the big screen.

Madigan revealed to WWE.com how the idea of See No Evil came to be. "I've always been a huge fan of the horror genre, so I had a pretty good idea of what a good horror movie should look like. Even before I was asked to write the screenplay, I had an idea for a movie like this in mind. I always wanted to write a film where the lead character was in some sort of secluded confines and goes to work on a group of unassuming victims."

Dan continued, detailing how Kane helped bring his idea to life. "When WWE contacted me to write a movie for Kane, it was a match made in heaven…or hell, depending on how you look at it. Here's a guy who's monstrous in stature, and a talented actor so it was easy to write for him. Kane's character and physical make-up was perfect for the character I envisioned for the lead in See No Evil."

While working on the movie, Madigan encountered more than one person who wanted to doubt the project because it was a WWE production. "A lot of people wanted to write it off as a wrestling movie, but they didn't bother to do their research. This is a different kind of entertainment in a totally different venue. Eventually, when people started to pay more attention, they realized this was not only a real movie, but a pretty good one at that." 

Standing on the red carpet, Madigan admitted that at times he wasn't sure the movie would make it to the big screen. "Hollywood is a cutthroat business, for every movie that makes it, there are 1000 that don't." But the anxious screenwriter eventually came to the realization that See No Evil was for real. "I learned that when WWE and Vince McMahon gets behind something, it usually works. Vince knows what people want to see. He understands all the important factors when it comes to entertaining people. Whether it was the writers, directors, actors, or talent, WWE Films used all their resources to get the best people on the project."

After re-living the entire process with WWE.com, Madigan took a moment to reflect on the magnitude of the situation as he stood outside the Century Theatre. "After the years of planning and hard work, it's so nice to see this all come to fruition here tonight."

So, considering the success that See No Evil  has already had prior to its release, WWE.com thought it was only natural to ask if there could be a sequel somewhere down the road. Madigan gave us an interesting response. "Well, I've already got the next set of ideas going through my head. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jacob Goodnight walking the streets again. If you think this movie was gory and graphic, you haven't seen anything yet."

See No Evil, the first major motion picture from WWE Films and Lionsgate is now in theatres everywhere.

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