Simmons Gives Back

This past Monday, RAW viewers were treated to a brief cameo by sports-entertainment legend Ron Simmons. The former World Champion appeared alongside John Cena to utter his catchphrase: "damn," to the roaring approval of Chicago's Allstate Arena crowd. These days, television appearances from the veteran tough man are few and far between, as he has successfully made the transition from his old role as in-ring performer, to his new role as WWE ambassador at large.

"I really enjoy what I'm doing now," Simmons told "I was wrestling non-stop for close to two decades, so this has been a welcome change."

In his new role as Ambassador for Public Affairs, the former on-screen bully has taken on a number of new responsibilities. One task, however, has emerged as Simmons favorite.

"The most rewarding part of my new job is being able to go overseas to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq to entertain our troops," said an emotional Simmons. "Knowing the sacrifices these guys make for all of us and for our country everyday, it's been a real honor."

Ron Simmons has achieved a great deal in his long and storied career. While wrestling for WCW in 1992, he made history when he defeated Vader to become the first African-American World Heavyweight Champion. In addition to that title, he has also won multiple tag team championships and been a college football All-American. But according to Simmons, the piles of gold in his trophy room do not represent his greatest accomplishments.

"I've done so much in my career," said Simmons. "I've traveled the world, and worked with so many great people, but my greatest accomplishment has been working with the troops."

In addition to working with the troops, Simmons also works closely with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the WWE's Get REAL literacy program, and also assists the younger members of the WWE roster with the development of their careers.

Simmons has spent the better part of the last four years in his current role. He has dedicated himself to giving back to the WWE fans and the business that provided a living for the incredible athlete. On Monday night though, Simmons was able to briefly step back into his former role. He told that the incredible response was a little overwhelming.

"It was a bit of a surprise to me," said a smiling Simmons. "It tells me that they enjoyed watching me all those years when I was out there competing for them. I was genuinely doing it for them, and on Monday, they showed me that they appreciated it, and that they never forgot."

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