Bamboozled at the beach

Road Stories appears on on the first Wednesday of every month and chronicles WWE Superstars' lives on the road. This month's entry, "Babmboozled at the Beach" was submitted by Mick Foley.

This goes back to like 1993, when me, Stone Cold Steve Austin and William Regal were among the three cheapest guys in sports-entertainment, and we decided it would be better to triple up in an Econo Lodge. I think it was about a total of $35-40, so instead of spending $17.50 each, we were spending, do the math, $12.33 each for the room. And what was great about that Econo Lodge was that it was right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean -- we were down in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

We all made plans. We were ready to run across the beach and do some serious bodysurfing, which is what I did. I ran in there, way out there. Austin said I looked like a seal -- a walrus, actually -- out there floating away. And I looked back at the sand and I saw Austin and Regal kind of beating a retreat across the sand, which I thought was kind of weird. From my proximity way out there in the ocean I could see them walk across the street and use the pool, which seemed odd to me because who wouldn't rather be bodysurfing in the Atlantic Ocean as opposed to in the shallow end of the Econo Lodge pool.

As I got out of the ocean, I realized there was a distinct lack of females on the beach. I also noticed the men in attendance seemed to be getting very close to each other and were wearing scanty attire -- not that there's anything wrong with that. But I came to the conclusion -- and I did mention this in the first book, Have A Nice Day -- that Austin and Regal had pretty much left me on a gay beach and opted not to tell me of their findings.

So I did my best David Hasselhoff impression, kicking up a lot of sand as I ran at my own leisurely pace, and when I got to the Econo Lodge pool I almost had to save them from drowning because they were laughing so damn hard.

So there's a Road Story for ya: Mick Foley, abandoned on a gay beach by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yeah!

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