Regal returns home to cheers and a celebration for the release of his new book

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND -- William Regal has a lot to be happy about. After touring Germany and Scotland, where he initially became in international wrestling sensation in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the World Tag Team Champion returned home to his native England, just in time to celebrate the May 3rd release of his new autobiography, Walking a Golden Mile.

Monday night, after he and Tajiri's match against Muhammad Hassan & Daivari, Regal sat down with to discuss all of his latest happenings. Here's what he had to say… Can you tell me a little bit about what it's been like visiting Germany, Scotland, and England in the last few days?
Regal: It's been a great tour. Berlin was incredible, and it's the first time I've wrestled there in many years, and Scotland was exciting too. When I was wrestling over here, and even with WCW, I'd never seen a sold-out arena like tonight. So this is a great sign, and there seems to be a great deal of interest in these European countries. They seem to truly appreciate each tour. Each show had been sold-out, and every crowd has been tremendous, so what more can you ask for? Where did you receive the biggest ovation?
Regal: Tonight in Birmingham was great, but I really can't say any one, because they've all been about the same. That's why I find it a bit strange to hear people actually cheering for me. It's very humbling. What is it like coming back here to England, where everything started, and wrestling in front of your countrymen?
Regal: It's always quite humbling to come back here. How is it different now, from when you used to wrestle here?
Regal: About 12,700 people more than when I used to wrestle here. It's just a different job altogether -- like a different business completely. It's still the same premise, but it's night and day altogether. This is such a massive audience, and I'll always look back to the old days with rose-tinted glasses, because it was all so new to me, but this is really incredible. Will you be sticking around throughout the week, or will you be heading right back t the states?
Regal: No, I've got a lot to do. On Wednesday, I start the promotion for my book in London -- I'll be there Wednesday and Thursday (May 3rd and 4th) for book signings. Then Friday, I fly out to Liverpool, and I'm busy all day there, and then Saturday morning, I fly back to the states to get ready for Backlash on Sunday. Next week is another big week for you, as your new autobiography, Walking a Golden Mile, gets released in the U.K. What's the reaction been like so far?
Regal: Everybody that I've spoke to liked it a lot, so I'm going to wait until it gets released, and not pass any judgment on it yet. I'm going to wait until a lot of people have read it, because everybody has a different way of looking at things, and everybody's got their own opinion. So we'll see how it is received. What makes your book different from the other WWE Superstars' books?
Regal: My book's different, because it's a different kind of story. It's my life, and it's everything that's gone on, good and bad. From my humble beginnings of working at an amusement park to coming to here today, it covers it all -- all of the drug problems I've had, and the health issues as well. I don't knock anybody in my book, whereas a lot of other books have gone that way. I've got far too much of a tale to tell without knocking people. I also think it's a lot funnier than most of the other books, just because of the things I've gotten into. I have a knack for telling stories, and I think that Neil Chandler, who helped me put the book down onto paper, helps my stories come across as I'd tell them. Is this a book that both wrestling and non-wrestling fans can enjoy?
Regal: I definitely think it's something that any type of person could enjoy. Personally, I love reading people's life stories, and I've had one hell of a life. It probably reads far more exciting than it was living it, but when you condense it into a few hundred pages, I've done a lot in my lifetime, and I hope it comes across the right way. For someone who isn't interested in sports-entertainment, they can enjoy it on a level of this is a person's life, and wrestling just happens to be a big part of it. I don't go into details about everything I've done in the industry, I just tell stories about the different things that I've had happen to me in my life. When can people in the U.S. expect to see the book?
Regal: The book will be available in the United States in mid-July.

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