Get out of my way

Get out of my way

"I will be walking down that ramp on Raw again, that's a promise," said a motivated Roddy Piper in an exclusive interview with on Tuesday afternoon. "I want to warn everyone right now, when you see me on that stage, get the heck out of my way."

The WWE Hall of Famer was eager to reiterate the statement he gave to in early December, just days after he was diagnosed with a low-grade Lymphoma. In the weeks that followed, Piper spent the majority of his time in a local hospital, undergoing extensive radiation treatment in hopes of vanquishing the cancer that had invaded his body.

"I did the radiation treatment five times a week for four weeks," said Piper. "But, we won't know the real results for another few months."

At that time, Piper will return to the hospital where he will undergo a series of tests to determine the results of the treatment. Right now though, the WWE legend feels good - so good that he has begun work on a new movie for MTV. Currently in the midst of the second week of a four week shoot, the controversial sports-entertainment icon welcomes the change of scenery from the confines of a hospital bed.

"I've never really liked hospitals, I wanted out of there as soon as possible," said Piper. "I am down here on the set, sitting in a mansion and catching up on some much needed rest." 

Piper told that he was overwhelmed by the amount of support he received from WWE fans during his ongoing ordeal.

"You've got to realize, I've been stabbed three times, I'm not too used to this kind of love from people," said an emotional Piper. "It has been unbelievable the amount of support I've gotten. I'm getting letters, packages, e-mails, and phone calls from so many people, it's just overwhelming. I sincerely don't have the words to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone who has contacted me. I'm a very lucky person."

Stay tuned to for further updates on the Hot Rod's condition.

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